The Yamaha EF2000iS V2 Reviewed

Yamaha are a brand that are well known for their fantastically durable products, and for being at the forefront of all of the fields for which they make products. Similar to any other portable generator, the Yamaha EF2000iS is able to provide power to the user wherever, and whenever they would like it. A good portable generator is an essential tool should you require power on-the-go at any time. A high quality portable generator is also a fantastic option to have as a backup source of power, should your home or residence’s power supply fail for any reason.

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Yamaha are an extremely well-known brand that have high quality, specialist products on offer in a number of different sectors. They range from construction to the music industry! The case is no different from Yamaha when it comes to the production of generators! Yamaha’s generators are known to have the most durable engine ratings available from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Yamaha EF2000iS V2 is the second version of this successful model, formerly known as the V1. This second product offers some better features and capabilities than its predecessor. The V2 is an inverter generator – this means that the fuel-burning engine within the generator itself is connected to an alternator (just like the one in a normal car engine). The alternator then converts the energy from the engine into electricity in the form of an AC. This alternating current (AC) is then changed to DC (direct current) via use of a rectifier. Since this is the nature of the EF2000iS V2, this means that it can provide a very high standard of energy output that can be used by devices that require even the highest amounts of sensitivity and care.

The V2 is an extremely efficient generator in that the amount of fuel that it burns is very low. It produces an amazing amount of electricity from one gallon of fuel – a staggering 10 and a half hours of continuous usage if at quarter load! Yamaha make some fantastic and extremely efficient small engines, that are very fit for purpose in the generators that they produce. The Yamaha EF2000iS V2 utilises one of these engines in order to make a powerful, yet compact generator. This V2 therefore is fit for purpose in many situations, such as camping, and the powering of smaller applications or power tools. Its efficiency and compactness mean that this generator can be easily transported and used by anyone. It does not require a great deal of lifting and manoeuvring like a lot of others do.

Not only however can the V2 be used for leisure and convenience – it can also be used to power essential tools and appliances in a more serious situation, such as your home losing power. The V2 is very inconspicuous, and is not loud and overwhelming. It can therefore be used in conjunction with many situations – no matter what the requirements are.

Key Features

  • The EF2000iS V2 offers a running output of 1600 watts, with a maximum watts output of 2000 watts. Both of these are in AC (Alternating Current)
  • Very quiet operation due to the advanced muffler and spark arrestor that the V2 has installed internally. When the generator is under a quarter load, it operates at just under 52 dBA – this is less than the average sound in a room with people talking for reference! Amazing – one of the quietest operating generators available on the market!
  • Air cooled engine – this means that the user does not need to worry about topping up the generator’s engine with various coolants etc. For some, the less maintainability the better!
  • Extremely efficient operation using just one gallon of fuel for 10.5 hours of the generator’s operation whilst at a quarter load.
  • The V2 is very advanced in that it has a feature that Yamaha have called ‘Smart Throttle.’ This is a feature in the generator that adjusts the engine speed to provide only the output which is required. This also means far superior fuel economy when compared with models that do not offer a feature such as this, and continued quitter operation!
  • The V2 has an advanced current stabilisation system in place. This is known as an inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation control. What this system does is allow the current that is being outputted to be made into a very clean, reliable, and smooth power output. This allows for the V2 to be safely used in conjunction with more sensitive devices such as small circuit boards and laptops.
  • Very light and easily manoeuvrable at just over 40 pounds in weight – this allows this little generator to be great for use in any circumstance.
  • You don’t need to be worried about cold starts with the V2, or about letting your generator cool down after use before turning it off! This is due to the auto-decompression and automatic warm-up system that Yamaha have fitted in this V2 – some extremely useful features for saving time and potential damage!
  • Multiple different electric outlets are easily accessible on the V2, as it provides a 12 volt DC outlet, and two 120v AC outlets!
  • Oil warning light and automatic shut down if oil level is too low – these are two great features for any device that relies on an engine for its operation to have if you would like to avoid expensive repairs. These features mean that the engine will not continue running and to do damage to itself should the oil level, for any reason, become dangerously low.

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  • No display screen as some other generators do. These screens often allow the user to see how much power is being generated, used, etc. Although this feature is not included as standard, it can still be purchased at an additional cost
  • It’s a small generator and therefore cannot power large , heavy machinery or appliances. This is a generator that is combined more for use at the home or in a situation where a little power is required – not as a long term backup for heavy machinery or appliances.


Final Points

So, is the EF2000iS worth your money? The EF2000iS is undoubtedly one of the finest generators from its class that you could purchase! There are a tonne of situations that this generator from Yamaha will serve you well in, and it’s well priced! What’s not to like?!

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