Westinghouse WGen7500 – An Informative Guide

Westinghouse is the oldest name in the industry of generators and the generation of power. Throughout all of the years of its operation, Westinghouse is a name that has been synonymous with high build-quality and workmanship.

One of the most recent developments that Westinghouse has made is the WGen line. The WGen generators have been designed to be the ultimate tough and long-lasting, efficient source of power on the go. The line caters for all needs, and is a very large and versatile range – each generator has its own specialty.

In this review, we’re going to explore everything that the powerful Westinghouse WGen7500 has to offer. We’ll look at its key features, what it’s great at, as well as its specifications.

The Westinghouse WGen7500 – Reviewed 

It’s no secret that Westinghouse has always been a name that can be depended upon – the WGen7500 is a true example of why this is the case. As well as being a well-built and very durable generator, it’s powerful and offers fantastic value for money.

Usability and Power Availability

The Westinghouse WGen7500 has 9000 watts of starting power available, as well as 7500 watts of running power. It’s got more than enough wattage to run a large amount of appliances at the same time, as well as some larger items of machinery for example. It’s a very versatile generator that, due to its high build-quality and large amount of power, can cater to a number of very different situations very well. For example, the WGen7500 is just as suited for use outside on a construction site as it is for powering tools outside in the garden.

The WGen7500 weighs in at around 200 pounds. Whilst it’s not exactly lightweight and couldn’t be easily lifted, it’s fitted with great wheels that make pushing and pulling it around very easy. The wheels have been designed so they can’t be easily punctured, meaning that moving the generator around won’t be stopped by a deflated wheel.

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Noise Level and Efficiency

Something that generators with this amount of power often suffer from is too high levels of noise. Westinghouse however, has done a great job making sure that the WGen7500 is extremely well muffled and is as refined as possible. It only make 64 decibels of noise when it’s running, which is very respectable for a large generator that’s putting out 7500 watts of power. It’s in fact comparable to the amount of noise that a lot of small inverter generators make.

There’s no point in having a quiet and refined generator if it’s not efficient though! That’s what makes the WGen7500 so great – it’s very efficient indeed. When running on gasoline, the 6.6 gallon fuel tank means it’s able to put out 11 hours of power when running at 50% load, and 16 hours of power if running at a quarter load. It’s a very easy generator to start too, being able to be started electrically, remotely, or by recoil as a backup.

Power Outlets

The WGen7500 has enough power outlets available to take care of anything that you might need. It comes equipped with four standard 120V outlets that are perfect for use with the majority of normal electronic appliances and devices. It’s also fitted with a 120/240V 30A locking outlet – this is a great place to plug in either your RV if you’re relying on it for this, or some more demanding appliances/machinery. Not only is the WGen7500 designed to be used with smaller appliances, it’s also RV-Ready.

Key Features

  • Starting wattage of 9000 watts
  • Running wattage of 7500 watts
  • Highly Durable and Well-Built – the WGen7500 is constructed with a very heavy-duty, tough frame. The outer frame is made of steel to ensure that the engine and internals are as well protected as possible, and the engine is protected by iron
  • Efficient – the 6.6 gallon fuel tank is able to provide power for 11 hours when being used at half capacity, or 16 hours when being used at a quarter capacity
  • Lots of Features – this generator is equipped with features that make it easy to use, including even the most basic such as a fuel gauge to make sure you don’t run out when you’re least expecting it
  • Easy to start – as well as having a conventional recoil starter cord, the WGen7500 can be started either electrically or remotely
  • Automatic low oil level detection and shutdown – this generator will recognise when/if the oil level in the engine becomes too low and will automatically shut down the engine until the oil level has been topped up. This is a great feature for protecting the engine from serious damage – running an engine with too little oil or “dry” can permanently damage it beyond repair
  • Informative Control Panel – the control panel is fitted with a fuel gauge, amongst others
  • A good selection of power outlets – in addition to being plentiful, the power outlets on the WGen7500 have rubber flaps. These rubber protectors are great at shielding the power outlets from the elements, as well as dirt and debris that could enter and affect the performance or connectivity of the outlets


  • Heavy – the generator isn’t light at 192 pounds. However, it’s fitted with wheels that combat this very well
  • Not an inverter – the Wgen7500 isn’t fitted with an inverter. This means that it’s not suitable for powering smaller electronics as the power being output could contain a degree of harmonic distortion, that could damage more sensitive devices

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In conclusion, there’s no doubt that the Westinghouse WGen7500 is a fantastic generator that will serve anyone that’s looking or a powerful and reliable generator well. It’s reliable, efficient, and has great build-quality. To top it all off, it’s great value for money – at less than $900, it’s hard to find better. We’ve included the WGen7500 in a number of other guides as one of our favourite generators too, including 7500 Watt Generators and Top 5 Portable Generators.

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