A Closer Look At The Westinghouse iGen4500

Westinghouse, as you will undoubtedly know if you’re reading this article, are a very well-known and respected brand in the industry of all things power. They’ve been providing essential power to homes, RV’s, sites, and more all over the world for over 120 years.

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Westinghouse were the very company that pioneered the concept and thereby industry of electrical generation., as well as long distance power transmission. Westinghouse however have come a very long way since their days of steam-powered electricity generation. It would be unfair not to consider Westinghouse as either one of, if not the top, company in the electrical industry today. You can have no doubt in your mind when you choose to buy a Westinghouse product. When you see that famous logo, you just know that you’re buying quality and craftsmanship.

The iGen4500 is a generator that’s not at all difficult to use. Not only this, but it offers some really cool features considering its price point.

It’s powered by gasoline and has got an impressively large 3.4-gallon fuel tanked fitted internally. Alongside this, there’s an engine of just over 220cc in size that pushes out an impressive amount of power. It will give you a really quite impressive operation time of 18 hours, if run at a quarter of its load.

To get the absolute most out of its 3.4 gallon fuel tank, this generator has an “efficiency mode.” This makes it extremely fuel efficient, as it allows the generator’s engine to run at only the speed that’s needed to produce the amount of power that’s needed.

This unit from Westinghouse is also extremely quiet, running at just 52 decibels when it’s at a quarter of its capability. In case you didn’t know, this is quieter than the average conversation volume between two people! For a generator that has the possibility of pushing out 4.5k watts of power, this is really quite something. Even though this generator’s putting out an impressive 4500 watts of power, it’s still more than safe to power your smaller devices due to its inverter technology, which means it can provide a smooth and reliable current.

This powerful generator also comes fitted with a telescopic pulling handle and wheels. Even though this isn’t exactly a light generator at 98 pounds, you’ll be able to move it around easily using the handy wheels and telescopic handle.

To get it into motion, it has a remote start as well as an electric start activated by a button on its control panel. Remote start is an especially cool feature since this is a falling point that a huge number of generators in this price point come with – they don’t have it.

Another cool additional feature on the iGen4500 is the RV-Ready outlet that it’s fitted with. This means you can plug your trailer right into the generator and start getting power to it right away! If you’d like a generator that will cover both leisure and commercial use well, it’s a great choice!

There’s also an intuitively designed and easy to use LED display on the front of the iGen4500. On here, you can easily see how much time you’ve got left in the generator at the current amount of powering that you’re using, as well as how much powering it’s outputting, the fuel level, as well as the voltage. In other words, everything you could possibly need to know!

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Key Features

  • Push-button and remote electric start – these are great. Unlike other pull cord generators, the iGen4500 is start-able either remotely or by simply pushing a button. It’s easy, convenient, and won’t cost you any time or energy to start!
  • Ready for use with trailers, caravans, and RV’s – there’s a lot of power and a lot of different sockets. It’s got all the eventualities covered! This Westinghouse allows you to plug your trailer directly into the generator itself, providing dedicated sockets for just this.
  • 7hp 224cc engine from Westinghouse – fitted with an efficient 7hp 224cc engine made by Westinghouse. It’s fuel efficient and packs a great amount of power.
  • 3.4 gallon fuel tank – a large fuel tank that will keep this Westinghouse beast running for 18 hours at a quarter load!
  • 18 hours run time – a respectable amount of run time available from a single tank of fuel. With 18 hours of power at a quarter of the generator’s load, you won’t need to worry about running out of fuel or power any time soon after starting up!
  • USB ports installed – a very handy feature that’s not always common on larger generators like this one. Due to its advanced inverter technology, this generator is safe for all devices.
  • 120V ac socket
  • 120V RV-Ready TT-30R sockets
  • LED data display showing everything you could possibly need to know – there’s a fuel gauge, power output level, runtime remaining, everything!
  • Impressively quiet operation. The iGen4500 is amazingly quiet at just 58 decibels
  • Lightweight but doesn’t compromise on power – it weighs in at less than 100 pounds, but is still packing a 224cc engine and pushing out 4500 watts at peak power!


The Cons

  • Isn’t parallel ready – some other generators in this class allow two to be connected to combine power and spread load. The Westinghouse iGen4500 doesn’t come ready for this
  • No dual fuel potential – this generator runs solely on gasoline. If you run out, you can’t rely on propane or other gas like you can with some alternatives.


The iGen45000 is a great generator at a great price. It’ll happily be able to cover just about anything you throw at it, be that use with an RV, a trailer, a large number of smaller devices, or indeed as backup power for a home. It’s extremely powerful, is sturdy and reliable, and is fitted with an inverter meaning that it’s safe to use with all devices- even those smaller and more sensitive ones. To make things even better, it’s priced really well and is also covered by a three-year warranty as well as lifetime technical support from Westinghouse. It’s a strong and powerful generator from arguably the best and most reliable name in power generation. We love it!

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