WEN 56200i – How Good Is It?

The WEN 56200i is a generator that is renowned for how unbelievably silently it is able to operate. This unit from WEN is well known for producing very smooth power, with a delivery of 1600 watts. This is due to the fact it has an inverter fitted within, meaning that it is able to produce smooth and reliable power, that can be used to power smaller, more delicate devices without worry or concern. It will be more than suitable for small cameras, laptops etc.

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There is one major point of focus for the WEN 56200i however, is the volume that it operates at. It’s an astoundingly quiet generator that makes only 51 decibels of noise when it’s running at a quarter capacity. What’s more, when it’s running at 3 quarters of its load capacity it only makes 55 decibels of sound! This is simply amazing, it has to be one of the quietest generators that money can buy that still produces this amount of power! This tiny amount of noise that this unit from Wen makes is comparable to a regular conversation between a few people.

The extremely quiet and inconspicuous operation of this generator makes it great for a situation where silence or near silence is an essential. It would make a great power supply if you were going fishing or hunting for example in a secluded area! It could even be great if you were camping somewhere with strict noise restrictions – you’ll never be without power with this one! The silence of this unit has been recognised too by the US Department of Health.

It’s running a small yet powerful 4 stroke engine with an 80cc capacity. The fact that it has a four stroke engine is ideal for usability – you won’t have to worry about your engine becoming damage if you forget to add in various types of oils such as with a 2-stroke!

The engine that this generator’s running is also both CARB and EPA III compliant, meaning that you can be sure you’re having as small an impact on the environment as you can when running this machine.

The nature of the inverter that’s installed in this inverter generator means that it can almost exactly duplicate pure sine wave. The harmonic distortion in the signal that’s output by this generator is less than 1.5%, even when it’s at full load. This is a truly amazing figure and means that it’s ideal for those more delicate devices that you no doubt have, such as phones, cameras, and laptops.

Key Features – WEN 56200i

  • USB port installed – this generator from WEN has a USB output port, meaning that you don’t even need to worry about bringing a plug to charge up your devices.
  • Weighs in at less than 50 pounds, making for an easily moveable and portable little unit. What’s more ideal?!
  • Powered by gas, this generator uses every drop that you put in it as well as it can be! This is done by making use of the eco-mode that WEN has fitted, which forces the generator to only use as much fuel as is required to provide the power being requested by you. It works from detecting what is plugged into the panel on the front of the generator and working out how much power these devices are using.
  • Extremely fuel efficient – it’ll run for 4 hours non-stop when you’re putting it under full load. If you only need half of what the generator can give you, it will run for 6 hours on only a gallon fuel!
  • Offers a parallel connection – if you’d like to get more energy than one can offer you, WEN offers a parallel connection kit which means that you can join two 56200i units together. This means that you can spread the load too, if you’d rather not have one running at full capacity.
  • Oil warning lights – this unit has got an indicator to tell you when oil levels are dangerously low. It’s also got an automatic shut off system, meaning that the system will stop the engine running if the oil levels drop below what’s safe for the engine
  • Overload protection – this is a great feature to protect your WEN against any power surges that it might be subject to. It means that your whole unit will never be ruined by power problems!
  • WEN also provide a 2 year warranty with this generator, that covers all of the problems that you could have or things that could go wrong. There’s also a very helpful line that you can call should you have any troubles or questions about your new product.

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The Cons?

  • With this generator being well reviewed, a couple of users have reported that filling this unit with oil isn’t as easy as it could be – not exactly a big deal!


Final Remarks

So, what is the verdict on this 56200i from Wen? It’s a fantastically quiet unit – if you’re looking for a power supply to use somewhere that can’t be loud, this is your choice! Apart from its amazing quiet operation, it looks great, and is small and portable.What more could you possibly want from a generator? At just above $400, you really have nothing to lose if you go for this generator! It’s silent, it looks great, it can power just about every normal thing you’d need it to, and it’s even got  USB port! You’d be making anything but a bad choice going for this generator! When it’s up against other generators in its price tag, it truly is phenomenal!

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