WEN 56180 – Is It Worth It?

WEN has come up with a number of different revolutionary technologies over its time in operation. It’s a company that’s recognized in the industry of power generation for its quality, value, and most importantly, powerful machines.

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The new WEN 56180 does not differ from previous generators made by WEN – for all the right reasons. The 56180 is a powerful portable generator that’s well built, outputs safe and smooth power, and is hardwearing,

This review of this WEN 1800 watt generator will take a close look at the various important points about the 56180. These will include the key features, what the machine is primarily designed for, and the points about the 56180 that could be improved.

WEN was established in the year 1951. Ever since its establishment, it has both produced and invented high-quality power tools and machinery. WEN equipment is well-known and well-used worldwide, particularly in America.

WEN is a trustworthy organization that provides respectable warranties with each of their products. They are based in Elgin, Illinois, and have repair centers that customers (both new and old) can have their tools and machinery repaired properly.

Power Output & Runtimes

The WEN 56180 has a starting wattage of 1800 watts, and is able to provide 1500 watts of continuous running power. All of this comes from the efficient 4-stroke, one-cylinder engine that it has installed.

The OHV engine with the 56180 is an air-cooled unit, meaning you won’t have to worry about various coolants and liquids as part of your maintenance schedule (which is not long with this generator anyway).

When the generator is running at 50% load, it will keep putting out clean power for approximately 7 and a half hours. From the small gas tank that’s only 1.45 gallons in size, this is very efficient.

Safety Features

The 56180’s engine is safely secured onto the bottom of the entire unit. This makes it a very refined piece of kit, free of major vibrations and shuddering – these are common in other generators in which the engines are not as well secured.

Another great safety feature fitted to this WEN generator is the low-oil detection and automatic shutdown system. This detects when/if the oil level in the generator’s engine becomes too low, and if it does, automatically stops the engine from operating. This prevents serious engine damage and avoids big repair bills too.

It’s got a spark arrestor, meaning that it’s okay and safe to use in both forests and national parks across America. The spark arrestor prevents the emission of flammable material by the generator.

Usability & Portability

The 56180 is a small and lightweight unit. It weighs only 50 pounds and comes with handles fitted to either side of the generator. It’s for these reasons, extremely easy to pick up and move around.

It’s not loud either. Using a high-quality muffler, the 56180 outputs a mere 65 decibels of sound when being used at full load.

The 56180 is an extremely easy generator to use overall. It’s got a control panel mounted on the side – it’s easy to understand, and everything is well labeled and color-coded. It’s very difficult to go wrong when using this generator.

There’s a great selection of power outlets too. There are two 120V alternating current outlets for powering larger appliances and devices, as well as a 12V DC outlet that’s great for charging batteries and smaller appliances.

It’s also both CAR Compliant and EPA III approved – you can be reassured that you’re not having any large impact on the environment when you’re using this generator.

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Key Features

  • Starting wattage of 1800 watts
  • Continuous wattage of 1500 watts
  • Air-cooled engine – no need to worry about liquids and coolants
  • Lightweight and portable – at only 50 pounds in weight, and has carry handles fitted on either side for easy transportation
  • Minimal Vibration and Noise – the engine of the 56180 is firmly secured to its base. This means minimal vibrations and shuddering, making for a quiet and refined generator
  • Quiet – when operating at full load, the 56180 doesn’t make any more than 65 decibels of sound
  • Fuel efficient – it’s fitted with a small gas tank that’s 1.45 gallons in size and will run for around 7 and a half hours when being used at half of its capacity
  • Low Oil Detection and Automatic Shutdown System installed
  • Well-priced and durable – it’s built to last
  • Fire-safe – as well as a number of other safety features, the 56180 comes with a spark arrestor which stops the emission of any flammable materials. This means it’s safe to use in forests and national parks.
  • Control panel is easy to use and well-located
  • A large variety of power outlets – the are two 120 volt outlets for powering larger appliances, as well as a smaller 12 volt DC outlet, that’s ideal for smaller appliances and batteries
  • EPA III Approved
  • CARB Compliant
  • 2-year limited warranty, covering damages and repairs to parts


  • Not a particularly quiet generator at 65 decibels. Although not terribly loud either, this level of sound would probably start to annoy those that situated close to you if you’re using the generator regularly.
  • The continuous wattage of 1500 is not powerful enough for large appliances, or for use alongside an RV for example
  • No electric start – there is no electric start button with the 56180, it must be started by pull-cord each time. It’s been reported that cold starts can be difficult
  • No wheel kit/pulling handle
  • Changing the oil can be difficult to do cleanly – the oil funnel is not long.



Should you spend your money on the WEN 56180? The 56180 truly is a great buy if you are in the market for a generator that’s small, easily portable by one person, and is relatively powerful. It’s particularly great for use in wooded areas and national parks, due to it being EPA III approved and CARB compliant. It’s also fitted with a spark arrestor to eliminate the risk of it causing a fire by the emission of flammable material.

The WEN 56180 offers great build-quality, safety, and smooth reliable power on the go. If you’re looking for a generator that’s more than capable of powering all of your smaller appliances, that’s environmentally friendly and extremely safe, it’s a great choice.

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