Tailgating – The Best Units Reviewed

Tailgating parties are great. They can be held before big football games, before baseball, and really before any big event in general. They are the ideal way to get together with your friends in preparatory celebration.

In order for a tailgating party to be as good as it possibly can be, you must have a good portable generator. In this post, we’re going to identify exactly some of those.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the features that each of the portable generators on our list offers, and what’s good about them. We’ll also provide non-biased information on what could be improved about each unit.

In brief, a good tailgating generator should be powerful, and as quiet as possible so as not to disturb your gathering. The best tailgate generator is the best portable generator too. As long as the generator is of high-quality, outputs clean power, and is well-priced, then it’s a good tailgating generator.

Honda EU2200I – The Best All Rounder

The Honda EU2200i is the perfect little unit to keep your tailgating party powered up for many an hour. It boasts very good build quality, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it outputs an impressive 2200 watts of peak power.

Honda has improved the new EU2200i over its predecessor but has still managed to keep the qualities about it that everyone loved – the light weight, extraordinary portability, and clean power.

It has a maximum output wattage of 2200 watts, and is capable of outputting a continuous 2200 watts. The EU2200i is more than capable of handling all of the appliances that you could ever wish to use at a tailgating party. However, if you’d like an even larger amount of power at your party for whatever reason, the EU2200i can be connected in parallel with another Honda generator in order to achieve an even greater total power output again.

Parallel connection is a good option too if you’d like to spread the load of a number of appliances over two units instead of one.

Another great point that the EU2200i can offer is that it has an inverter fitted. The fact that it’s an inverter generator allows the output of a very smooth and clean sine-wave output that has little to no harmonic distortion.

The high-quality power output that this generator has it what makes it the best all-rounder for tailgating. The EU2200i is equally as suitable for powering a small cooker at your tailgating party as it is charging your mobile phone.

 Key Features

  • Very Portable – weighs just 47 pounds and is equipped with an easy -to-use carrying handle
  • Extremely quiet – produced just 57 decibels of noise at full load
  • Easy to start with a minimal effort pull start
  • Great for tailgating – it’s quiet, light weight, and produces great quality power
  • Great runtimes – one tank of fuel will keep the EU2200i going for 8 hours when being used at 25% capacity, and over 3 hours still when all of its potential’s being used.


  • No fuel gauge, meaning it can be difficult to know exactly the best time to refuel
  • Not the cheapest in its class

We have a full review on the Honda EU2200i here too if you’re interested.

Generac IQ2000 – The Best Value For Money

The IQ2000 is easily one of the quietest and most portable tailgating generators that are on offer.

The Generac IQ2000 is amazingly portable, weighing in at only 46.2lbs. It comes complete with a carry handle and can be easily moved by one person to any location that you’d like.

Starting the IQ2000’s engine is easily done as well. It’s fitted with a strong and powerful pull cord. To control the generator, there’s a large dial on the left side of the IQ2000 that lets you choose your running power. You can also start and stop the generator from this control panel.

This large dial is a great feature for usability – if you’re in the middle of your tailgating party and are very busy, you can easily reach over to it from anywhere and simply turn it to what you would like.

This Generac comes with a few different operating modes – economy, standard, and turbo. Economy mode offers the best fuel efficiency of the generator and is great for use when tailgating.

The Generac IQ2000 is great at informing the user of everything they could need to know whilst the generator is running. It has a fuel gauge as well as a wattage meter displaying how much power the generator is currently outputting. This is also good for seeing how much of the generator’s total potential power you’re using. The IQ2000 also comes with an automatic low oil level detection system, preventing long term engine damage due to burning out because of an oil shortage.

The panel on the front will show you everything you all of the information you could possibly need to use the generator well – there’s even information on how much time is left in the current fuel if the current load is continued!

Key Features – Generac IQ2000

  • Very quiet – this IQ2000 from Generac operates at just 53dB – quieter than some conversations between humans!
  • Extremely portable at 46.2lbs and complete with a carry handle
  • 120 volt output – more than enough to power small appliances that you might need.
  • Starting wattage of 2000 watts
  • Running wattage of 1600 watts.
  • Fuel capacity of just over one gallon.
  • Efficient – one tank of fuel in the IQ2000 will keep it going at 25% load for up to 9 hours.
  • Inverter Generator – the power output by the IQ2000 is clean and safe to use with all devices/appliances
  • Runtime display
  • Parallel kit availability – the parallel connection kit means that you can attach another IQ2000 to get a greater total power output

The Cons

  • Some users have talked about problems using this unit at higher altitudes – this is certainly not unique to the IQ2000 however. It’s a common problem with portable generators so shouldn’t be much of a concern.
  • Fuel leaks – some users have reported minor fuel leaks from the iQ2000.

If you’re interested, we have a full review on the Generac IQ2000 right here too.

Champion 75537I – The Most Powerful

The 75537I is an inverter generator made by Champion Power Equipment. The 75537I is powered by gas, and is also fitted with an electric start button making getting the generator up and running whilst tailgating can be done quickly and efficiently.

The 75537i is portable too, being fitted with a carry handle and wheel. The wheel kit that’s fitted to this generator from champion power equipment is designed to be tough and hard-wearing. It has “never-flat” tires that make them well suited to moving the generator over more harsh terrains. Whilst this may not be applicable entirely to tailgating, it’s good to know.

It’s a relatively portable generator at 95 lbs in weight.

The 75537i is a powerful unit. It’s able to output a peak wattage of 3100 watts and will output 2800 watts of power continually. The 75537i uses its fuel efficiently as well – being able to output up to 8 hours of power from just one 1.5 gallon tank of fuel when being used at quarter capacity.

It’s a generator that is easily more than powerful enough for even heavy-usage tailgating. It will be able to power a smaller cooker or heater with ease.

The build quality and soundproofing measures that Champion has employed make the 75537I a very refined generator too, operating at only 58 decibels.

Being an inverter generator, the power from the 75537i is suitable for powering all sizes of device and appliance. For example, when tailgating you could have your laptop or camera being powered by the generator at the same time as a stove. Its extreme versatility makes it great for tailgating.

Key Features

  • Electric Start – no need to worry about recoil starts with the Champion 75537I. It’s fitted with an electric start button, making cold starts effortless.
  • Remote Start – this unit can also be started remotely.
  • 31oo Starting Watts
  • 2800 Running Watts
  • Efficient – this generator’s fitted with Champion’s economy mode, meaning that the engine’s only run at the speed that’s required to output the current level of power. This means a massive fuel saving and quieter operation.
  • Refined– the 75537I operates at only 58 decibels, it’s one of the quietest in its class.
  • Inverter – the inverter that’s installed in this generator makes the power that it outputs just as suitable for powering large appliances, as it is small and sensitive devices.



  • No 240V power socket like many others in its class.
  • Quite heavy – although still portable, it’s not easy for everyone to lift at 95 lbs.

A-iPower SUA2000iV – The Cheapest

The SUA20009V is the cheapest tailgating generator that we have on our list. The great and uncommon thing about the A-iPower SUA2000iV is that it doesn’t sacrifice quality and refinement even though it’s cheap.

It’s a quiet generator that’s still able to output a very good amount of power.

It’s got a peak wattage of 2000 watts and has a continuous running wattage of 1600 watts. It’s fitted with a very efficient and small 79cc engine from A-iPower too.

It’s able to return up to 7 hours of run time when being used at 50% of its potential, which is 800 watts approximately. This is more than enough time for any tailgating, and it’ll run for even longer if you aren’t using more than 800 watts which is also likely.

The SUA2000iV has an eco-throttle installed that adjusts the speed of the engine to only what is necessary to provide the power that’s being used. When eco-throttle is being used, it will continue to output power for 9 hours when being used at 50% capacity.

The SUA200iV is also able to operate at only 50 decibels. This is very refined for a generator that’s in the price range that this A-iPower unit is.

The SUA2000iV is as environmentally friendly as possible too – it’s both EPA and CARB compliant. Not only does this give you the reassurance that you’re having a minimal negative environmental impact, but it also means that you can use it anywhere in the USA as it passes both restrictions.

This unit from A-iPower can also be connected in parallel with another generator from A-iPower, or surprisingly other brands such as Yamaha too. This is the only generator that we have seen to offer a parallel connection with other brands of generator. In our opinion, it shows that A-iPower truly does have your best interests at heart.

It comes with a 3-year warranty too, so there’s no need to worry about losing money on a faulty product.

Key Features

  • Very Cheap
  • Quiet – It operates at only 50 decibels!
  • Very portable – it weighs only 50lbs and can be easily moved anywhere via the carry-handle
  • Well-reviewed
  • Inverter Generator –  the power that the SUA2000iV outputs are of very high-quality, and is perfectly suitable for powering smaller, more sensitive electronics
  • Environmentally considerate – it’s both CARB and EPA Compliant
  • Efficient – when the generator is in eco-mode, it will run for up to 9 hours whilst at half capacity
  • Parallel connectivity – the SUA2000iV can even be connect4ed in parallel with other brands of generator


  • Not a massive amount of running power

This A-iPower unit was also included on our list of the best cheap generators.


The Generac IQ2000 is the smallest and most portable generator. It’s great for tailgating, and it’s very well-priced. The parallel kit that can be connected to the IQ2000 is also reported to be very good. However, it’s not as powerful as the EU2200i, having a running wattage of 1600 watts.

The A-iPower SUA2000iV is the cheapest generator on our list. It makes a great little unit for tailgating, and for the money, it packs an impressive amount of power. If you’re looking for a cheap generator for the occasional tailgating event, it’s a great option.

The 75537i from Champion is great. It’s powerful with 2800 continuous watts on offer and has an inverter too. However, a tailgating generator should be as powerful as possible. Whilst 95 lbs is by no means not portable, it could be a bit lighter.

The Honda EU2200i is, in our opini0n, the best tailgating generator available. It’s great quality, comes from a very well-respected brand, and is powerful. It also looks great. The power that it outputs is of high quality and is clean due to the advanced inverter that it’s got installed. It’s also very portable, just as a good tailgating generator should be.