Some Of The Best Sportsman Generators Reviewed

When you lose power at your home or need it in a situation when you’re out and about, a generator is the best thing that you can have to hand. It can keep the main appliances in your home powered or can provide you with power in the most remote locations.

Sportsman is a very well-respected generator brand and for good reason. Within this guide, we’ll go over some of the best Sportsman generators that are available for purchase today.

We’ll go over what you should make sure of when buying a generator – the features that you should look for and that are good to have, as well as those points that you should know to avoid. By the end of this post, we’re hoping that you’ll know exactly the generator that’s best for your needs, and that you want to buy.

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Sportsman GEN4000LP – Powerful Propane Portable Generator

The GEN4000LP generator from Sportsman is a portable generator that’s powerful enough to provide electricity to your main appliances in and around your home. It’s got 4000 starting watts, and 3250 continuous watts of power on offer.

It’s suitable for powering a variety of appliances too, being fitted with two 120V power outlets, and a 12V DC outlet. This makes the GEN4000LP more than suitable for charging small batteries and is ideal for taking on a camping trip or to a small event.

It’s fitted with a powerful 7HP 4-stroke engine. Four-stroke engines are easy to use, and there are no troubles of adding oils to fuel as there is with the two-stroke alternatives. It’s started by a recoil starter and has been designed to be started with minimal effort – even on the coldest days.

It’s a well-priced and safe generator. It comes provided with safety features including an automatic voltage regulator and automatic low oil level detection and shutdown. This stops the engine in the event of low oil, preventing any engine damage from taking place.

The GEN4000LP runs on propane gas, and cannot be fuelled by regular gasoline. As a result of running on propane gas, the engine is kept far cleaner and the emissions from the engine are very minimal. The use of propane gas doesn’t cause the engine to become as contaminated with carbon deposits. This preserves the life of the engine and makes sure that it constantly runs at high performance.

The efficiency of this engine can be easily seen from the runtimes of the generator – it will keep going for 10 hours when at half capacity, from a normal sized 20-lb propane cylinder.

The GEN4000LP is refined and not too loud. To make it as easy to use as possible, it’s fitted with a propane hose that connects the engine to the propane tank. It’s not loud either, operating at less than 68 decibels. The well-refined nature and efficiency of this generator make it a great choice for anyone that’s looking to get a good portable generator for a good price.

Key Features

  • 4000 starting watts
  • 3250 continuous watts of power
  • Good variety of power outlets – there’s two 120V sockets and a 12V DC outlet. This makes it easy to use and/or charge multiple appliances at the same time from the GEN4000LP
  • Powerful engine – the 7HP 4-stroke engine is fitted with recoil start and has been designed to be as easy to get into motion as possible
  • Propane fuelled – the GEN4000LP is fuelled by propane and is, therefore, a very clean-running generator. It does not suffer from carbon build-up like gasoline engines and has a long life.
  • EPA Approved
  • Portable – the generator can be lifted at 88 pounds in weight


  • Some users have reported difficulty starting the generator after long periods of running

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Sportsman GEN4000DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The Sportsman GEN4000DF is a dual fuel generator that’s designed for heavy usage in rough environments, such as construction and building sites. The GEN4000DS from Sportsman is a reliable source of portable electricity anywhere you take it.

The GEN4000DF is dual fuel, meaning it can be fuelled with either standard gasoline or propane gas. This is extremely convenient as no special adaptations need to be made for either fuel. Assuming that you have both fuels connected to the generator at the same time, you can easily switch between them both with the flick of a switch.

Both gasoline and propane gas will provide different power yields when being used with the generator. Regular gasoline will give a maximum starting wattage of 4000 watts, whilst you only get 3600 from propane. Regular gasoline will output 3500 continual watts of power, but you’ll still get a very respectable 3150 continual watts of power when fuelling with propane.

The GEN4000DF a particularly versatile generator. It’s able to run on two different fuel types, and has a rugged design that makes it just as suitable for use on a construction site as in the back garden of your home.

It’s able to hold 3.6 gallons of gasoline. The efficiency of the GEN4000DF means that it will keep running from one tank of gasoline up to 10 hours. If the generator is being fuelled by a standard tank of propane, it will provide power for an impressive 12 hours when being used at half load.

It’s equipped with safety features such including low oil level shutdown. It’s a great generator for use in the outdoors, for camping, or for events that you just need some portable power that’s quick and easily accessible.

Key Features

  • Starting wattage of 4000 watts.
  • Continuous power of 3500 watts
  • Low oil level shutdown – this system halts operation of the Sportsman’s engine should the oil level become damagingly low. This prevents long-term engine damage and avoids expensive repair bills
  • A good variety of power sockets – there’s 4 standard household sockets, an RV-Ready socket, and a DC socket.
  • Efficient – when the GEN4000DF is being powered by a 20 lbs propane cylinder, it will provide power for an impressive 12 hours when under half load.


  • No warnings of low fuel
  • No wheels or easy transportation options provided as standard

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Sportsman is well-known for covering a large area of the dual-fuel and propane-powered generator market. Their generators are well-reviewed and are extremely well priced. All of the units on our list of the best Sportsman generators will serve you well in a variety of circumstances.

Both the GEN4000LP and the GEN4000DF offer similar power outputs. However, the GEN4000LP is, in our opinion, the best Sportsman generator available. Propane generators are becoming more and more used as they are cleaner and are more durable in that their engines run for as a result of not being subject to large amounts of carbon deposits.

The GEN4000LP is powerful, portable, and is EPA approved. It will provide you with power whether you’re at a building site, running a small event, or are out camping. Being EPA approved, it is suitable for use in the vast majority of locations across the USA. It’s got a wide variety of sockets too. Overall, the GEN4000LP is well-reviewed, well-priced, and makes for a great forward-thinking investment.