An In Depth Look At The Finest Solar Generators

Solar generators are becoming very common. They are a fantastic source of green energy, and are very reliable, particularly in locations that it is very sunny! They are very cheap to run too, in fact, they have no running costs whatsoever. In case you didn’t already know, a solar generator uses the sun’s energy to create power via solar panels. They are the best generators for the environment.

It doesn’t even need to be sunny to use a solar generator. As long as the generator has gathered energy from the sun at some point, it can store it in a battery within the generator. However, the solar generator market is very large and can be quite overwhelming should you not know exactly what you’re looking for.

Locating the best solar generator for your needs can be difficult. In this post, we are going to take a look at those solar generators that we believe to be the best available on the market today. We’ll take you through the key features that you should look for when choosing the best solar generator, as well as what you should avoid.

Whilst the solar generator market is relatively new, it does not mean by any means that it should be overlooked. It’s the future of portable generators. Like all other areas of the market, it will continue to get better and better until it’s eventually dominant. As you’ll see in this article, the amount of power that you can get from a good portable solar generator can be very impressive.

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Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Solar Power Generator

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 comes from one of the largest names in portable solar power generators. A new release, the Yeti 1400 is a portable solar inverter generator that able to provide 3000 charger watts of power, and continuous power at 1500 watts.

In order to store the power that it gathers via the solar panel on top, it has a 132ah battery that’s able to hold 1425Wh of power. Whilst being portable, it’s a very capable generator that will more than easily run large appliances in and around your home. This could include heaters, power tools, and small fridges.

Being an inverter generator, the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 provides very safe power with very minimal harmonic distortion. The power that it outputs is safe for use with all appliances, even those that are small and sensitive.

It states that up to 10 devices can be charged at the same time from the Yeti 1400. It is a very durable generator that is designed to be used for a long time. The more power that is stored in the battery,  the longer that will run for.

The way out of this generator is just as modern as the concept on which it runs. It’s got an LCD display installed that advises you of the power output, how much time you have left in the generator, and how much of is capabilities you are using.

There is also a corresponding “Yeti App” for the Yeti 1400, via which your generator can be controlled remotely from any internet-connected device. The generator has ports that cater to a massive number of different device types. Being primarily designed to charge smaller devices, it has a number of variations of USB ports, AC outlets, and 12V charging ports.

If you have an uneasy that doesn’t have a lot of sun or you’d simply like to use the Yeti 1400 as a mobile battery pack for the day, this can be done as it can be charged. To get the generator to full capacity from an AC wall socket, it should take around 25 hours time.

The number of uses for a Yeti 1400 is countless. It’s an extremely versatile generator that lends itself to use in any outdoor situation, or anytime in which mobile provider is required or relied upon.

Key Features

  • Portable – the Yeti 1400 is easily portable at 43.7 lbs in weight.
  • 3000 watts of peak power.
  • 1500 continuous watts of power.
  • Doesn’t require a solar panel at all times – the Yeti 1400 can be charged from a wall AC socket if you’d like to use it as a mobile battery pack.
  • Informative LCD display screen – the LCD screen on the shows you all of the information on it that you could ever need or want. It’s got the battery life, the power level, and much more. operating time.
  • It can be remotely monitored.
  • It can charge up to 10 devices at the same time.


  • 1500 watts of power won’t be enough to power a number of larger devices when camping (those that are rated at more than 1500 watts).

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Jackery Explorer 440 Portable Solar Power Station 

The Jackery Explorer 440 Solar Generator is a generator that has been designed with excellent usability and portability in mind. It can be used quickly easily and requires no prior knowledge of generators whatsoever. As soon as you receive the Explorer 440, you’ll be able to start using it right out of the box.

Similar to a number of other portable solar generators, this generator does not have a solar panel included. However, once it has been connected to a solar panel (Jackery make a very good 100-watt panel) it will be fully charged in around 10 hour’s time.

The Explorer 440 can also be charged via a wall socket, although this does slightly defeat the purpose of buying a solar generator in the first place.

There are a great variety of power outlets on the Explorer 440, these include three different USB sockets, two direct current outlets, a 12-volt car socket, and finally an AC outlet.

The usability of this generator is great. It is designed to be very simple and to inform the user of everything they could want to know on the operation and status of the generator in as simple a form as possible. This is done via an LED display on the front of the generator, on which estimations as to the amount of running time that the generator has left are displayed.

The battery in the Explorer 440 is relatively small at 20.4 amps. It has a lithium-ion battery and has a maximum capacity of 440 watts per hour. The inverter that it has fitted means that it is safe for all electronic devices, particularly those that are small and that require a safe and reliable clean power output.

The most fascinating point about the Jackery Explorer 440 is the weight and resulting extraordinary portability that it has. It weighs a staggering 12 lbs, 12 lbs! It can therefore easily be carried about by one person or stored in a bag without even being noticed. It’s a generator that lives up to the name ‘Explorer’ for sure.

Key Features

  • Portable – this generator is staggeringly portable weighing just 12 pounds.
  • A great variety of power outlets – the 440 boasts a variety of USB, AC, and DC power sockets.
  • Simple to use – the LED display on the front of this generator is easy to read and is very informative.


  • Not massively powerful.
  • No solar panel installed, must be connected to an external panel.

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Ecoflow River 500W – Best Solar Generator

The Ecoflow River 500 watt solar power generator is another unit that is incredibly portable. It weighs in at only 11 lbs, which is indeed shockingly light for a generator that’s able to output an impressive 500 watts of power at one time.

It has installed a small 114AH lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 412Wh. The River 500 is also an inverter generator. It uses pure sine wave technology to make sure that it’s peak wattage of 600 Watts, and continuous wattage of 300 watts is clean, safe, and reliable. The power from the River 500 can be safely used to promote even the most sensitive of electronics, such as cameras and mobile phones.

The power that this lightweight unit can hold is able to charge the average mobile phone more than 30 times fully. It’s also more than suitable for charging cameras, notebooks, and any other useful electronic devices that you might be carrying on your travels. This makes it a great unit to use whilst camping, or when you need a generator that packs a lot of power but that is also exceptionally lightweight.

There are a large number of power sockets on the River 500. It’s got four standard USB sockets, two USB-C sockets, two AC outlets, a further two DC outlets, and a 12V car socket for maximum usability.

It is rated to 11 devices, meaning that, as long as the 11 devices are under the total available power output they can all be connected safely and charged at the same time. The generator can also be charged, most importantly, from a solar panel. The ability to charge from a solar panel means it’s great for the environment and is very handy as no fuel is required. It can also be charged at absolutely any location of your choice.

The charging time of the River 500 is very fast. On the side of the generator, there is a large LCD display that shows how many watts are being used, the remaining operating time in the generator, as well as how much power is left in the battery.

The River 500 offers everything that a good solar portable generator should, it’s lightweight,  powerful, and very easy to use.

Key Features

  • Exceptionally Portable – The River 500 weighs only 11 pounds, it’s easy to carry around without even noticing
  • Easy-to-use – it’s got a large LCD screen that informs you of everything you need to know.
  • Variety of ports – this unit has a massive variety of USB, AC, and DC ports. It can also cater for a number of devices at the same time.
  • Fast charging time – whether you’re charging the River 500 from a solar panel or a wall socket, it has a very quick charging time.
  • 500 watts of peak power
  • 300 watts of continuous power
  • Comes with an informative user guide, and everything you need for a quick start-up


  • Starting at $549, this generator is far from cheap – this solar generator is arguably, however, the best available on the current market. Although it does come at a bit of a steep price premium, it’s worth every dollar in our opinion.

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Being able to produce 3000 watts of peak power, the Yeti 1400 is by far the most powerful portable solar-powered generator on our list. It’s reliable, well-priced, and very well-reviewed. It does, however, weigh in at 43.7lbs, which whilst not heavy, it’s not exactly bag-packable. The power that the Yeti 1400 outputs is good, but there are other generators in this weight category that are more powerful.

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The Jackery 440 is a generator that’s small, very usable, and very durable. It’s got a large variety of power sockets and can support a good number of devices at the same time. It can be charged fully in just 10 hour’s time too. It can be charged via solar panel, and Jackery makes a solar panel that’s 100 watts and very suitable. It’s reasonably priced too. It’s a generator that makes for a great piece of camping kit, being more than capable of powering a large number of small devices at the same time or charging one larger device multiple times.

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The Ecoflow River 500 is astonishingly portable and powerful. It has an incredible 600 watts of peak power and weighs on 11lbs. Weight to power ratios such as these are very rarely heard of. This fantastic power and weight, however, does come at a higher price point. However, if you’re looking to buy a very usable, very lightweight and very powerful solar generator, it’s unbeaten.

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