The Top 5 Small Generators Reviewed

A small generator is a great piece of kit to have if you’d like to have high-quality power whilst on-the-go, but without compromising on space. Some generators are very large in size and aren’t able to put out large amounts of power. In other words, they’re very inefficient.

The best small generators on the market are able to deliver high levels of power, but in a small and compact package that’s designed to be moved around with ease. In this post, we’re going to take a close look at the 5 small generators on the market that we believe to offer the best value for money, the most power, and that are all-round the best small generators.


Honda EU2200i

A good small generator should be equipped with a powerful engine, be well-built, and must be able to provide power for a good length of time. The Honda EU2200i is able to offer all of this in a small yet powerful package. It’s well built, is aesthetically pleasing, and is able to  provide an impressive 2200 watts of maximum power – that’s 200 more watts than the previous EU generator from Honda gave.

It’s been improved on in many ways over the previous EU2000i, but has still managed to keep those qualities that everyone loved – it’s still small and very portable at 47 pounds.

It produces 2200 watts of starting power, and is able to give out 1800 watts of energy continually thereafter. It will be able to handle well just about anything that you would like to power with it! The EU2200i also has the capability to be connected in parallel with another EU2200i. This is a great feature to get more power in total, or to spread out the load of a heavier appliance.

The EU2200i, as well as being a small generator is also an inverter generator. The inverter that’s installed within it makes for as smooth and as a safe an electrical output as possible – with minimal harmonic distortion as a result of its advanced sine wave technology. This makes the EU2200i great for use when charging and using smaller devices and appliances, such as digital cameras and mobile phones for example.


Key Features

  • More durable and more powerful than the previous model, cooled more efficiently, more fuel efficient due to the “Eco-Throttle” system that Honda has installed
  • Small and Portable – it weighs a mere 47 lbs and is equipped with an easy -to-use carrying handle
  • Extremely quiet – when running at full load, the EU2200i makes just 57 decibels of noise
  • Easy to start with a minimal effort recoil start
  • Can be used in a variety of situation due to its quiet operation, small size, and impressive power output
  • Great runtimes – the EU2200i is able to provide power for more than 8 hours when being used at a 25% of its load. It will keep going for more than 3 hours too when at 100% capacity


  • No fuel gauge, meaning it can be difficult to know exactly the best time to refuel
  • Not the cheapest in its class

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Generac IQ2000

The IQ2000 from Generac really is a great small, quiet portable generator. The IQ2000 stands out from its peers with its extremely quiet operating volumes, which we’ll take a look at very shortly.

This unit weighs in at only 46.2lbs, making it incredibly small and portable. It comes complete with a carry handle, and can be easily moved to any location by one person due to its tiny weight.

The IQ2000 is easily started with its strong and powerful pull cord. To control the power output, it’s fitted with a dial on the left hand side. The large dial allows you to easily specify the running power that you would like. Here on the control panel, there’s also the options to start and stop the generator. This dial is one of the best features of the IQ2000, and makes for easy control no matter the conditions.

The IQ2000 can operate in three different modes, each providing differing power outputs and levels of efficiency. These are economy (the lowest power output yet most efficient), standard (a good middle-ground), and turbo (the maximum power output of the IQ2000).

This unit from Generac is great at informing the user of everything they could need to know whilst the generator is running. It’s fitted with a fuel gauge, as well as a wattage meter displaying how many watts are currently being used by what appliances are plugged into the generator, as well as the percentage of the generator’s capabilities that you’re using at any one time. The IQ2000 is also equipped with a low oil warning and automatic shutdown system too.

The panel on the front of the Generac displays well all of the information you could possibly need  to know about the operation of the IQ2000 at the current time– there’s even information on how much time is left in the current fuel if the current load is continually used!

Key Features

  • Extremely quiet – this IQ2000 from Generac operates at just 53dB – quieter than some conversations between humans!
  • Very small – it weighs only 46.2lbs and is extremely easy to move around
  • Starting output of 2000 watts,
  • Running output of 1600 watts.
  • Fuel capacity of just over one gallon. This will allow the IQ2000 to run at 25% of its total capability for more than 9 hours.
  • Runtime display
  • Parallel kit availability – the IQ2000 can be connected in parallel with another IQ2000 to combine forces, making for more total power

The Cons

  • Some users have talked about problems using this unit at higher altitudes
  • Fuel leaks – the IQ2000 has been said to suffer from fuel leakages

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WEN 56200i

The WEN 56200i is small, and operates at an extremely quiet volume.

This 56200i will give out 1600 watts of continuous power with minimal harmonic distortion. The power that it outputs is clean and safe and is ideal for use alongside smaller more sensitive devices such as tablets and digital cameras. The inverter that the 56200i is fitted with makes this small generator very versatile.

The 56200i is extremely small and portable. It can be used anywhere you’d like, and at any time. It weighs less than 50 pounds and has a comfortable carrying handle. It’s extremely easy to lift and move around with ease.

It’s an astonishingly quiet generator that operates at just 51 decibels, when at 25% of its capabilities. When the 56200i is running at 75% of its load capacity it only makes 55 decibels of sound. The tiny amount of sound that’s made by the 56200i is comparable to a regular conversation between a few people.

The WEN56200i is fitted with an efficient little 80cc engine. It’s small and powerful, and is also CARB and EPA III compliant, meaning that it’s good for use anywhere in the US.

The 80cc engine provides a starting wattage of 2000 watts and 1600 continual watts of power.

Key Features

  • Small and portable – the 56200i weighs less than 50 lbs, making for an easily moveable and portable little unit
  • USB outputs – smaller mobile devices can be plugged right into the generator
  • Powered by gas – WEN has fitted this generator with an eco-mode, which means the generator will only use as much fuel as is required to provide the power being requested by you. It works from detecting what is plugged into the panel on the front of the generator, and working out how much power these devices are using.
  • Parallel connection capabilities
  • Automatic oil warning and shutdown system
  • 2 year warranty


  • Replacing oil isn’t as easy as it could be

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Yamaha EF2000iS V2

A good, well-made inverter generator is a fantastic backup source of power, should your home lose power, or if you’re on the move and need power.

Yamaha is a company that is strongly associated with great build quality and durability. The generators that are made by Yamaha are proof of this, coming with the best engine ratings that are available from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Yamaha EF2000iS V2 is the second version of this successful model, taking after the previous V1. The V2 has on offer a number of better features and capabilities than its previous model.

The EF2000iS V2 is an inverter generator. This means that the power it produces has very minimal harmonic distortion and that it is therefore very safe for use with devices that require high-quality power, such as laptops and mobile phones.

The V2 is a very fuel-efficient generator that is able to keep going for 10 and a half hours when being used at 25% of its load, on a single tank of fuel.

The V2 is equipped with a small and economical engine that makes it a very powerful, but small and portable generator. Due to its small size but great power capabilities, it lends itself well to so many situations. It’s ideal for use with smaller power tools, but also makes for a great generator to take camping due to its small lightweight nature, and quiet operating volume.


Key Features

  • Continual power output of 1600 watts, with a maximum watts output of 2000 watts.
  • Quiet operation – runs at less than 52 dBA when under a quarter load
  • Air cooled engine
  • Extremely fuel efficient – the EF2000iS is able to run for 10.5 hours at 25% load
  • Fuel efficient – the generator uses Yamaha’s ‘Smart Throttle’ technology, that means the engine only runs at the speed that’s needed to supply the current power output
  • Advanced current stabilization – the power from the V2 has a tiny amount of harmonic distortion
  • Small and easily moveable
  • Multiple different electric outlets are easily accessible on the V2, as it provides a 12 volt DC outlet, and two 120v AC outlets!
  • Oil warning light and automatic shut down if oil level becomes dangerously low


  • No display screen as some other generators do
  • It’s a small generator and isn’t suitable for powering larger, heavy machinery or appliances



Westinghouse iGen2200

The Westinghouse iGen2200 is a small and powerful generator with a maximum power of 2200 watts. The iGen2200 is a small generator that’s easily portable and lightweight – it’s great for giving you high quality power whenever and wherever you need it.

It has a 1.2-gallon fuel tank and is an economic generator that’s able to run for more than 11 hours when at 25% of its load.

The iGen2200 also has the option for parallel connectivity. This is very useful if 2200 watts of starting power isn’t quite enough, and you need more for either one particular appliance or indeed multiple appliances. Parallel connectivity allows you to join the forces of more than one Westinghouse unit together, to get a greater total power output and the possibility to spread the load of a heavier consumer between the two units if you’d like.

It’s not a loud unit at just 52 decibels when being used at 25% capacity. It’s fitted with mufflers and is in a very soundproof enclosure – high volumes will never be a problem when running the iGen2200.

This generator has four power sockets as standard. It’s got two standard 120v sockets and another 2 USB outlets.  This is a great variety of outlets, as it means that a number of different devices can be plugged into the generator and used/charged simultaneously.

The iGen2200 is fitted with an inverter too. This allows it to output the highest quality power that’s safe to use with small, sensitive devices such as laptops and cameras – exactly the types that you’re likely to plug into a small portable generator. The power that comes from the iGen2200 has an extremely small amount of harmonic distortion.

It’s a very small generator weighing only 46 pounds. It’s very portable and easy to use wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Small, light, and portable
  • Fuel efficient
  • Produces very high-quality power due to its advanced inverter
  • Very fuel efficient as the engine will only run at the speed that’s necessary to provide the required power output


  • Designed to power small appliances, and is therefore unsuitable for larger and heavy machinery



The Honda EU2200i is the ultimate all-round generator. It looks great, it’s well-made, and it’s small and lightweight. The great name of Honda does however come at a bit of a price, but if you’re looking for a great small generator you wouldn’t be disappointed after purchasing.

The IQ2000 from Generac is the lightest on our list of the best small generators. It weighs only 46.2 lbs and is still able to put out 2000 watts of power.

The WEN 562000i is a very quiet and well-refined generator. It operates at only 51 decibels. If you’re looking for a generator that’s able to put out a great amount of power whilst maintaining portability and quietness, it’s a very good choice.

The EF2000iS from Yamaha is a generator that’s got a good name behind it. The power that’s output by the EF2000iS is very high quality, with minimal harmonic distortion due to the inverter that it has fitted.

The Westinghouse iGen2200 is a small, light and very portable generator from the oldest name in power generation. It has very long runtimes, being able to run for over 11 hours.