The Ryobi 2200 – Reviewed

The Ryobi 2200 is a compact little portable generator. Its uses are as far as you can think, what can you not do with a small portable generator?

In this review, we’re going to take a close look at the Ryobi 2200. We’ll cover what we like about it and why, as well as what we think could be improved on it. The 1,800 running watts that the Ryobi outputs is enough to power the majority of RV’s air conditioning units, and will provide power to the most important appliances in your home in the event of a power loss.

It operates at around 60 decibels, which isn’t that much louder than the average conversation between two people. Considering the fact that this generator is outputting 2200 watts of power, it’s pretty impressive.

The Ryobi 2200 is fitted with a four-stroke 106cc OHC engine. This engine is more than powerful enough to keep the two 120 volt outlets that it has running, as well as the additional 12V outlet that’s great for charging smaller devices and batteries.

In the event that you’d like to get more power from the generator, it can be connected in parallel with another generator. This is an extremely useful feature to have. It means that, for the majority of the time that you do not need a lot of power, you can simply carry a small, lightweight, and portable unit around with you. When you do need more power, you can simply take another unit and combine the forces of the two.

At 51 pounds in weight, the Ryobi 2200 is a very lightweight little unit. It can be easily lifted by one person. If you’d rather not lift it around, it is fitted with 2 small wheels and a retractable suitcase-like handle that can be used to pull the generator around.

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The Ryobi 2200 is able to provide you with power in a variety of different locations and situations. It’s great for smaller tools and appliances at a construction site for example, and is also ideal for use in and around the home, or when tailgating for example.

The Ryobi 2200 is an inverter generator too. This means that the power that it outputs is safe for use with all different electronics – even those that are small and sensitive. The inverter that’s fitted within the Ryobi ensures that the power that’s output by it is as smooth and as clean as possible. It has minimal harmonic distortion and can be used with a variety of both small and large devices.

The 2200 is fitted with circuit breakers and overload protection too. The circuit breakers act to protect against the generator becoming overloaded

It’s efficient too since it’s fitted with “idle-down” technology. This technology makes the Ryobi’s engine speed reduce according to the power output that’s required. The more power that’s required, the greater the engine speed must be. The technology fitted in this Ryobi recognizes that and adapts the engine speed accordingly.

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Key Features

  • Maximum output of 2200 watts
  • Running output of 1800 watts
  • Quiet – the Ryobi 2200 operates at around 60 decibels when at its rated load, which is roughly the same volume if not quieter than a normal conversation between two people.
  • Four-stroke 106cc OHC engine
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Inverter generator – the power from this Ryobi is extra safe to use with all devices, no matter how small or sensitive they may be.
  • Parallel Connection – in the event that you do need more power, you can simply take another unit and combine the forces of the two. If the power of one Ryobi unit is enough, then it’s a very lightweight and portable unit to move around without struggle
  • Idle-Down Technology – when the Ryobi isn’t being heavily used, the technology fitted within it stops the engine from idling.
  • Efficient – whilst the generator is running, the engine speed is adjusted to be as efficient as possible. This is made possible by the technology that’s fitted within this Ryobi – if the generator does not need to run at a high speed in order to provide a high power output, the technology recognizes this and adjusts the engine speed accordingly.
  • Portable – the Ryobi 2200 weighs in at 51 lbs. It’s very lightweight and is fitted with 2 small wheels and a retractable suitcase-like handle that can be used to move it around with ease
  • Powerful 120V engine
  • Versatile – due to the size, power, and portability of the generator, it has a great variety of uses. It’s ideal for camping, tailgating, or providing portable power at a light weight.

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The Ryobi 2200 is a modestly priced portable generator. It’s powerful and is also lightweight. The uses for this unit are endless, it’s extremely easy to use, and provides high-quality power since it’s an inverter generator. The power that it outputs is suitable for use with all devices – the harmonic distortion that’s present in the generator’s power output is very minimal.

It’s got a maximum power output of 1100 watts and a running output of 1800 watts. Considering the number of features that this generator has on offer, we think it’s pretty good value for just over $500.

It’s a very safe unit to use. This unit is fitted with circuit breakers and overload protection that act as a preventative measure against fire. In the event of a power overload/the generator being asked to provide more power than it is capable of, the circuit breakers that are installed will simply break the circuit and stop the generator from becoming damaged.

Overall, we think the Ryobi 2200 is a great value, portable generator.

If you’re interested in generators of this size, you might be interested in the Yamaha EF2000iS V2, or the Honda EU2200i.

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