A Close Look at The Honda EU2200i

For many years, Honda has been a household name for all things that are mechanical, driven, or engine-related. Ever since their establishment, Honda have consistently produced products that are of high quality, and that are out with those that they are most known for.

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Honda has been in operation for more than half a century, producing a wide array of products including cars, boats, and power tools. It would certainly not be unfair to say that Honda are truly a giant in the engineering world. Not only have Honda produced many new products over the years, they have also invented and pioneered many influential engineering concepts – such as VTEC.

Honda are well ahead of the majority of other companies when it comes to making engineers and motors for generators, alongside those for other powered equipment. They produce a massive variety of generators, from those designed for small uses in homes, to those designed for heavy and long-term industrial usage. In this review, we’re going to take a close-up look at one of Honda’s newest generators, the EU2200i.

The Honda EU2200i is truly a class leader. It has on offer a number of advanced features and mechanisms, a lot of which are more commonly found on larger and more expensive generators. One of the most interesting features of the EU2200i is the eco-throttle control that it has integrated. This allows for the engine to run at a speed in accordance with how much power it is required to output. This allows for not only better fuel efficiency, but also quieter operation and an all-round a better user experience. This makes the little Honda EU2200i an ideal choice for those that would like as efficient and as quiet a generator as possible.

Honda has an extremely loyal customer base, and have had for many years. Throughout the years that they have been in operation, they have always and continue to strive to produce some of the most up-to-date and advanced engineering products that the market knows. Their fan base continues to grow due to their never-ending deliveries of products that are consistently good, and technologically advanced. The EU2200i is no exception!

Key Features – Honda EU2200i Review

  • The EU2200i has a starting power of 2000 watts, which then levels out at 1600 watts offering continuous power at this level
  • To generate electricity, this unit from Honda uses one of their most famous engines – the GX100. The GX line of engines from Honda are well-known for their efficiency and ability to put out some great power from little space. It’s also a four stroke engine which means your fuel can go straight in – no messing about with various oils!
  • The eco-throttle system that Honda has installed in this generator is great! It allows this little generator to perform as quietly and as efficiently as you would expect from a Honda product. The system is designed to make the engine run at only the speed it is required to, to output the power being used. This means that less fuel is used, and that it runs more quietly too!
  • The running times of this generator are quite something! It is able to keep going at full load for almost 3 and a half hours. If you’d like it for longer still, it will deliver power at a quarter of its load for more than 8 hours. This is all from not even a gallon of fuel!
  • This unit from Honda is one of the quietest generators that you could choose to buy. This is because it’s been well insulated with various sound-proofing products, without impairing its function! It will keep you and your co-workers happy! All of this means that it’ll run at just under 60 decibels at its loudest, and around 53 when being used normally. All of this means that it’s great for any situation, even if there are noise restrictions in place!
  • The EU2200i is amazingly light – it weighs just over 40 pounds! This is astounding considering the amount of power that it can produce.
  • This generator is equipped with sine wave inverter technology. This means that it has all of your power requirements covered – from phones and laptops to larger appliances!
  • You can be sure that your generator’s engine isn’t going to self-destruct anytime soon – it’s equipped with oil level warning systems that halt its operation should oil levels become too low.
  • No need to worry about electrical surge damages. The EU2200i has built in an automatic voltage regulator, as well as having all of its outlets protected against power overloading.
  • A variety of outlet ports – it’s got a 125V AC outlet that’s great for general use, as well as a 12V DC which is ideal for keeping those smaller devices and batteries topped up with power.
  • Easy start – Honda have installed their automatic mechanical decompressor system. This means that you don’t have to go to nearly as much stress when starting the engine, as it reduces the amount of compression that’s required for ignition!
  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it’s good to know it’s totally covered for 3 years by Honda themselves!
  • It’s an aesthetically pleasing unit – it won’t look out of place wherever you put it to use!

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The Cons

  • There’s no fuel gauge/reading on the EU2200i. This means it’s not exactly easy to work out how much fuel it has left . This wouldn’t be the case of course if you’ve timed and calculated exactly how long your generator has been running – unlikely!
  • It’s better for powering smaller appliances. It’s not suitable for example, to power a cement mixer or other heavy duty machinery.
  • Price – the price isn’t exactly a small one at around $1000



So, is the EU2200i from Honda really worth your money? In our opinion, it’s a great generator that will easily cover the majority of tasks that you’re likely to throw at it around the house. It’ll do all of this well, for a long time, and for a very decent price. It’s very well-reviewed by its users, and for a good reason. Being a follow-on from the fantastic EU2000i, you can be sure it’ll be of the same high quality. To top it all off, it’s backed up by a 3 year warranty from Honda. That said it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need it from such an amazing generator.

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