The Generac XG8000E – A Worthwhile Investment?

The Generac XG8000E is a powerful 8000-watt generator. It’s from the “XG” series that’s made by Generac and is one of the only series of generators that are powered by an engine made in the USA. The majority of the generators that are in this power band use engines that aren’t USA made.

Engine & Features

The oil is delivered to the engine of the XG8000E via a pressure lubrication system. This extends the life of the generator. The sleeve cylinders in the XG8000E are made of cast iron too. It’s quite clear purely from these two facts that the XG8000E is a generator that was made to provide years of service reliably.

The XG8000E comes with an electric starter and battery. This is what the “E” in the name symbolizes. Whilst the Generac XG8000E is not the cheapest generator in its class, it’s definitely one of the best. It comes with a good variety of high-quality power outlets, as well as a wheel kit.

The XG8000E also has some extra features, including an hour meter. The hour meter signifies how much operating time is left in the generator at the current level of usage.

The XG8000E has a running wattage of 8000 watts, and a surge wattage of 10,000 watts. It can be connected to your home to provide backup power via a transfer switch. 8000 watts is almost enough power to run all appliances in the home during a power loss – in some cases, it may even be more than sufficient. If you’re planning on hooking the XG8000E up to your home, it’s a good idea to purchase a certified transfer switch from Generac to do so.


It tends to be the case that generators of this size output power that is not safe to be used with small and sensitive devices. However, the power from the Generac XP series has a very low level of total harmonic distortion – less than 5%. This power is suitable for running your small and sensitive devices. Further protection of sensitive devices can be achieved by purchasing an uninterrupted power supply. It’s also important to remember that the XG8000E does not charge its own battery whilst its running – the battery must be charged externally to the unit.

The 14.5hp, 410cc engine within the Generac XG8000E is connected up to a large 9-gallon fuel tank. There’s also a fuel gauge here, ensuring no unexpected power loss. The gasoline can run on any gasoline above 87 octane, and is ready almost right out of the box – just oil and fuel to add. It’s important to remember too, to fill the tank by at least half the first time you are starting the generator.

The generator is efficient too. It’s able to provide power at half capacity for 10 hours – only 0.73 gallons of consumption per hour. It’s a very efficient unit indeed.

The XG8000E is a safe unit too. It’s fitted with a spark arrester muffler, meaning that it can be used all over the USA, and is safe to use in forests and around trees. The risk of fire is greatly reduced by this.

The XG8000E is fitted with both an electric starting option and a traditional recoil starter as a backup option. The electric starter makes getting the XG8000E running extremely easy. Starting the unit is as simple as opening the fuel valve, pulling out the choke, and hitting the electric starter.

One major downside of the Generac XG8000E, however, is the volume that it operates at. It is by no means a quiet generator. Generac has not officially rated the noise level of the XG8000E, but reports from users say that it is very loud.


It’s important to bear in mind that generators that are this powerful do not tend to come in lightweight form. As a matter of fact, they are not lightweight ever. The reasoning behind this is fairly obvious – generators that put out 8,000 watts of power must have a large engine to do so. They also must be suitably secured and durable – they are often built into heavy-duty, sturdy framework.

The XG8000E is, unfortunately, also rather on the heavy side. It weighs in at 258 lbs. However, it does come with a wheel kit and handles. The wheels fitted on the generator are very large at 9.5 inches – it’s very easy to get the generator over a variety of surfaces and terrains. They are also designed to never go flat, meaning that the generator can be moved around with confidence.

Key Features

  • 10,000 watts starting power
  • 8,000 watts running power
  • High-quality power – the XG8000E is fitted with an inverter. The inverter ensures that the power that’s output by the generator has less than or equal to 5% total harmonic distortion. The power that the XG8000E generates is more than safe to use to power even the smallest, most sensitive devices.
  • Powerful 410cc, 14.5hp engine
  • 9 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Efficient – the XG8000E is able to keep running at half load for up to ten hours. Considering this would mean pushing out 4000 watts,, it’s a very efficient generator indeed.
  • Spark Arrestor – the spark arrestor that’s fitted into the XG8000E means that it’s safe to use in forests and when camping
  • Large wheels/wheel-kit included for portability
  • Pressure-lubricated
  • Battery Included
  • Electric Starter
  • Can be connected and used as a standby generator via a transfer switch
  • Well-designed control panel with a wide variety of power outlets – the XG8000E has 5 different power outlets that cater for a wide variety of appliance tyes and power requirements
  • Safe – the XG8000E is equipped with circuit breakers to ensure the safety of both you as the user and the generator in the event of a power overload. Generac employed a number of extra measures and safety features when making the XG8000E to ensure that it’s as safe and as easy to use as possible.


  • No DC charging facility
  • Battery placing is terrible – the side panel and gas tank of the generator must be removed in order to access it
  • It’s not at all quiet