Generac IQ2000 Full Review

More so than just about any other generator in its class the IQ2000 from Generac is an incredibly quiet piece of kit. The large majority of generators that you can buy are pretty loud – particularly when they’re putting out their full power capacity.

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The IQ2000 makes use of some fantastic modern materials and technology to ensure that it’s as quiet as a generator possibly can be. Not only this particularly enticing feature does the IQ2000 contain however! Oh no! This is an extremely advanced generator that we’ll take a close look at in this detailed review.

Getting the IQ2000 into motion is no problem at all! It’s started by a strong and powerful pull cord. To control it, there’s a dial on the left side of the unit that lets you choose your running power, as well as start and stop the generator. This is a great feature for usability – if you’re wearing gloves or are unable to operate small intricate buttons, this offers an easy access and precise means of control!

This Generac comes with a few different operating modes – economy, standard, and turbo. These are probably fairly self-explanatory, however, each offer their advantages and disadvantages!

Economy mode is ideal for when you’re not putting as much pressure on the generator. It burns less fuel, whilst saving you money and being better for the environment!

Turbo mode is the loudest (still very quiet) mode of this IQ2000. It allows you to take advantage of everything that this unit has to offer – its full power potential!

Standard mode is the ideal middle point of the generator! It won’t mean you’ll be operating on full power, but you’ll get the best of both worlds whilst not using quite as much fuel as you would do in Turbo mode!

This unit from Generac is great at informing the user of everything they could need to know whilst the generator is running. It has a fuel gauge. Whilst you’d think this would be a common feature, it in fact isn’t included on a lot of generators. This is ideal so that you don’t need to guess when the generator’s going to run out of fuel. You’ll always have power!

The IQ2000 also includes a wattage meter. This shows how many watts you’re currently using with what you have plugged into the generator, as well as the percentage of the generators capabilities that you’re using at any one time.

As well as these handy features, the oil warning system is mounted on the front of the generator. If any of these lights were to illuminate, you’d know that your unit was low on oil and to top it up. It will also halt all operation should the oil level become dangerously low – preventing serious engine damage.

The panel on the front will show you everything you all of the information you could possibly need  to use the generator well – there’s even information on how much time is left in the current fuel if the current load is continued!

Key Features – Generac IQ2000

  • Unbelievably quiet – this IQ2000 from Generac was at one point the most silent generator that money could buy. At a quarter of its working load, the generator operates at a truly amazing 53dB – this is quieter than some conversations between humans!
  • The generator whilst not the absolute quietest available, is most certainly one of them.
  • Will be slightly louder if using the turbo mode, but still extremely quiet.
  • The quietest operation of the generator can be achieved using economy mode, since the least stress is placed on the motor in this mode.
  • The IQ2000 will be able to provide a 120 volt output – more than enough to power small appliances that you might need.
  • Starting output of 2000 watts, this is very impressive considering the generator operates at just 53 decibels.
  • Running output of 1600 watts.
  • Fuel capacity of just over one gallon. This will allow the IQ2000 to run at a quarter of its load for an impressive 9 hours.
  • Runtime display – if you’re unsure of how much time you have left in your generator’s operation, you can take a quick glance at the runtime display! The runtime display will tell you how much time you have left based on the amount of power that the generator is outputting at the time of looking.
  • The runtime display will adjust instantly as soon as the load on the generator is varied/changed
  • Parallel kit availability – the parallel kit means that you can attach another IQ2000 to operate alongside the one that you’re using. This is handy to give you more power, or even just if you’d like to spread the load of power usage over two instead of stressing one.
  • The use of a parallel kit will allow you to gain a lot more runtime when compared to using just one.
  • The iQ2000 comes with a very comprehensive user manual and information. If you take care of it with regular servicing and maintenance, you can be sure that it’ll last you well!

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The Cons

  • Some users have talked about problems using this unit at higher altitudes – this is certainly not unique to the IQ2000 however. It’s a common problem with portable generators so shouldn’t much of a concern.
  • Fuel leaks – some users have reported minor fuel leaks from the iQ2000.


Is the IQ2000 from Generac worth your hard-earned cash? Will it serve you well? Yes and yes. Whilst the IQ2000 isn’t the most powerful generator that you could find on the market, it does what it says it will do very well. It’s extremely easy to use, and provides you with a ton of information on how it’s operating, and how much power you’re using. It’s lightweight at 46.2lbs, and will serve you with reliable power wherever you go!

The Generac IQ2000 is so very quiet, it looks great, and is a joy to use. If these are features that you’re looking for, you can be sure that this unit from Generac will keep you happy, and you’ll find that it’s absolutely worth the buy!

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