An In Depth Review Of The Generac GP3300

A good portable generator is a piece of kit that’s quite often overlooked by a number of people. They have a great number of uses, ranging from use when camping and when out in your RV, to providing backup power to essential appliances in your home during a power cut.

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Choosing a good portable generator can be a challenging prospect, especially if you’re not all that clued up on the market. Portable generators have a number of features that you should be looking out for, as well as those that you should be making sure aren’t there. Different portable generators are designed with different uses in mind too, with some being designed with camping and RV use in mind, and others being more suited to use on a construction site.

There’s a lot of portable generators on the market at the moment, and the Generac GP3300 is one of the best. Generac Power Systems is a company that’s long established in the world of engines and power generation. They are extremely well-known and well-used by many large firms and regular homeowners alike. The Generac name is a mark of reliability, high build quality, and value for money.

Power Output and Runtimes

The Generac GP3300 has a starting wattage of 3750 watts, and a continuous power output of 3300 watts afterward. With these capabilities, it’s more than capable of powering larger appliances around the home or when camping, such as refrigerators, televisions, heaters, and computers.

The 3750-watt Generac unit is able to run at 50% of its load for more than 10 hours, which is a very respectable figure considering a fuel tank size of 3.35 gallons. Furthermore, when being used at full load this Generac will keep going for more than 6 hours.

Another special thing about the GP3300 is how the power that’s created is divided between the power outlets. There are two circuits within the generator, which the 3300 watts are split equally between. This means that there are two reliable, steady power outputs of 1600 watts. Each of these outputs has a variety of sockets that can be used too.

If you’re planning on using your GP3300 for camping or alongside an RV, Generac has thought of this too by adding in a 20V-30V adapter, that’s specifically designed to cater for the power needs of an RV.

Safety Features

The GP3300 is a generator that Generac has made most sure is safe for use. It’s got a number of circuit breakers built in that are internal to the generator. These mean that if you try to put too much load on the GP3300 at once, these will break the circuit instead of forcing the generator to damage itself. This means that you can easily start back up, and just place less load on the unit. Circuit breakers are an essential fire safety feature too.

Built into the Generac GP3300 are a low oil detection and automatic shutdown system. This system is designed to detect when the oil levels within the generator’s engine become too low. Instead of continuing to run and the generator becoming permanently damaged, this feature will halt the operation of the engine and allow you to refill the oil.

Whilst many might consider safety features such as these a hindrance to their progress, they’re really not. They are designed to keep you safe and save you money. For example, if you were to continue running your generator without sufficient oil, serious long-term damage would be caused.

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Usability & Portability

The GP3300 is a very powerful unit. This doesn’t mean however that it’s compromised on how portable it is. At 101 pounds in weight and with its handle and wheels attached, it’s a very easy generator for anyone to move around.

The unit is encased in a hardwearing steel cage, which makes for a very strong and well-made generator. It’s also got a handle that folds down, meaning it’s easy to pull the generator around on its wheels.

The tires that are fitted on this generator are designed not to go flat. You can be sure that, regardless of the ground that you’re pulling the GP3300 over, you’ll be able to without being stopped by a flat tire.

Key Features

  • 3750 Starting Wattage
  • 3300 Continual Wattage
  • Fuel efficient – the 3.35-gallon tank that the GP3300 is fitted with will keep it going at 50% load for over 10 hours
  • Easy starting – fitted with a high-quality recoil starter
  • Portable – the GP3300 can be fitted to a wheel kit with both a foldable handle and durable wheels.
  • Safe – fitted with circuit breakers should you place too much load on the generator. These prevent damage to the GP3300 as well as the risk of fire
  • Low Oil Detection & Shutdown System – this system detects when the oil level within the GP3300 becomes dangerously low. It stops the operation of it and allows you to top up the oil levels
  • Fitted with a Fuel Gauge – no unexpected halts in operation
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • 5 power outlets – the generator can easily be used to power multiple appliances at the same time


Even though this generator is advertised as being able to output 3300 watts of power (which it can), it’s unable to power one single appliance that’s more than this. This is due to the fact that it splits its total power output into two outlets, meaning two outlets with a potential of 1600 watts.

This is not ideal if you purchase the generator with the view of it being able to power, for example, a heater that’s rated at 2400 watts. If you are looking for a generator to power appliances that are greater than 1600 watts, it’s unsuitable.



The Generac GP3300 offers quality, value for money, and reliable power. It’s portable, durable, and is more than suitable for a variety of uses. It’s important to remember that it provides two streams of power at 1600 watts, meaning that it can power a large number of smaller appliances simultaneously. If you’re looking for a unit that’s powerful, well-priced, and that will last – you won’t make a mistake choosing the GP3300.

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