Food Truck Generators – The Best For Your Business

If you’re a food truck business owner or are considering becoming a food truck business owner, you will probably have established that a good portable generator is an absolute essential.

The varying sizes of appliances that are likely to be used in a food truck make it important that when looking for a good generator, that you narrow your search to generators with inverters.

An inverter generator ensures that the power that’s being delivered to your appliances has a minimal amount of total harmonic distortion. For a lot of appliances, this is not all that important. However, for some it is – if you fail to give appliances the appropriate power, you run the risk of damaging them permanently.

An inverter generator also means greater flexibility – even if you do not require an inverter for all of the appliances in your food truck, it means that you can pug small, sensitive devices directly into the generator without worrying.

The average food truck uses a generator that’s sized somewhere between 5000 watts and 7500 watts. You may be thinking that this is quite large. It is – that’s because the appliances in food trucks are power demanding, and there’s usually quite a lot of them.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at what we think the best generators for using alongside a food truck are. We’ll cover why they’re the best, as well as any additional features that they might have. We’ll also give an unbiased opinion of what we think could be improved about each generator if anything.

Finding an appropriate generator for any use can be a challenging task. Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll have a good idea of what the best food truck generator for your business is.

Honda EU7000iS

The Honda EU7000iS is a generator that is known for its reliability and comes from a company that is so too known for its reliability.

Whilst some other generators, such as those that are cheaper and lighter, can be great for light use, they tend not to be up to the task of constant usage. The EU7000iS is a generator that’s been designed to be durable, to be used heavily, and to give you peace of mind that you’re going to have power no matter where you are.

The EU7000iS is great for heavy usages, such as that of a food truck. It can be run constantly, an is designed to withstand exactly this.

It’s able to put out a continuous running wattage of 5500 watts and has a peak starting wattage of 5500 watts. This means that whilst you might not be able to run larger appliances that require for example 6500 watts, you’ll get high-quality, continuous power at 5500 watts.

The EU7000iS from Honda is a compact generator and is very power-dense. It’s been designed to be as easy to use as possible, with a control panel fitted to the front of the unit with features including the electric starter and LCD screen.

There’s a good variety of power outlets on the EU7000iS. There are two regular household 110V sockets and a further GFCI 110V outlet. To the left of the control panel, there’s an outlet that can operate at either 120V or 240V. The power output of this outlet can be easily changed via the switch underneath it. This makes for an easy-to-use, quick power socket.

Being an inverter generator, it’s power output is clean, safe, and suitable for powering small and sensitive electronic devices.

The power output by the EU7000iS has less than 4% harmonic distortion, which is extremely low. This factor in our opinion increase’s massively the versatility and overall attractiveness of the generator. The power that it outputs can be just as easily used to power a large cooker, as it can be to charge a mobile phone or camera.

Key Features

  • Electric Start– an electric starter is particularly useful on a food truck generator – no time wasted with recoils
  • Maximum power output of 7000 watts
  • Continuous power output of 5500 watts
  • LCD Screen – the screen gives information on how much time is left in the generator at the current usage, as well as the fuel level and current power output
  • Automatic low oil level detection and shutdown system
  • Inverter generator – the power that this generator outputs is clean and has minimal harmonic distortion. This makes for power that’s smooth and safe to use with all appliances in a food truck
  • Versatile – the unit is designed for use in a number of situations and locations. It’s well-built and hardwearing.
  • Portable – comes fitted with wheels and a folding handle
  • Efficient – fitted with eco mode


  • A heavy unit

We’ve got a full review on the Honda EU7000iS here too.


Westinghouse WGen7500

The Westinghouse WGen7500 is a powerful generator that comes equipped with a number of advanced features. It’s got a lot of power, being able to provide 7500 watts of power continually. It’s got a starting wattage of 9000, and for this reason is one of the most powerful portable generators that are available.

The WGen7500 has a 6.6 gallons tank and runs on gasoline. It’s also got an impressive runtime of up to 18 hours, dependant on how much of its potential you’re using. The long runtime of the WGen7500 makes it an ideal generator for use with a food truck. For the whole working day, you can be sure that you’re not going to run out of power from a single tank.

The WGen7500 from Westinghouse is fitted with a fuel gauge and an automatic low oil level detection and shutdown system, that protects the engine from serious damage. It’s also got overload protection on all power outlets, and also a twist lock outlet that is ideal for keeping larger appliances within a food truck running.

Westinghouse is the oldest name in power generation, and they have maintained a very good reputation over their years in operation due to the well-known reliability and quality of all of their products. The WGen7500 is no exception.

Key Features

  • Electric Starter – you won’t need to spend time with a recoil start, as is the case with a lot of other generators in this power range.
  • Remote Start – The WGen7500 can be started remotely too, from anywhere within 109 yards of the generator. This is provided as standard and comes with a key fob.
  • Portable – the WGen7500 comes fitted with heavy-duty wheels as well as robots. This makes transporting and maneuvering the generator easy.
  • Powerful – extremely impressive considering this generator outputs 7500 watts and is still very portable
  • Economical – will run for up to 18 hours on a single tank of gasoline
  • Automatic Low Oil Level Detection and Shutdown – if the oil level in the WGen7500 becomes too low, the generator’s operation will be automatically stopped to prevent engine damage.


  • Not one of the quieter generators in its class at 64dB


Briggs & Stratton Q6500

The Q6500 from Briggs & Stratton was mainly designed to be used as a small standby generator for your home. However, it’s an inverter generator that comes with wheels and a pull handle making it very portable. Being an inverter generator, it can be used safely with all devices and appliances – no matter how small or sensitive they are.

The Q6500 has a peak wattage of 6500 watts and is able to provide 5000 Watts of continuous running power. Its fuel tank holds 5 gallons of gas, which will keep the generator running at 25% load for 14 hours.

It’s very quiet and refined too, running at only 66 decibels. The running volume of the Q6500 is not much louder than a normal human conversation. Although the Q6500 may not be as powerful as the other two contenders, the advanced inverter that’s fitted within makes for a very versatile unit.

It may not have enough power to power some larger fuel trucks but should be sufficient for most.

Key Features

  • Maximum wattage of 6500 watts
  • Running wattage of 5000 watts
  • Efficient – the Q6500 uses an economic throttle system to ensure that the engine is only running as fast as it has to in order to output the current power required. This makes for an engine that can return up to 14 hours of power from a single tank of gasoline.
  • Power Usage Meter
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Inverter – the power output by the Q6500 has less than 6% harmonic distortion, and is, therefore, safe for use with all devices and appliances
  • Quiet and Refined – the Q6500 operates at only 66 decibels when being used at a quarter capacity
  • Portable – it comes fitted as standard with a fold-down handle and wheels that are designed to never go flat
  • Automatic low-oil level detection and shutdown
  • Overload Protection
  • Circuit Breakers


  • Not exactly light at 128 lbs
  • No electric starter


The Honda EU700iS is, in our opinion, the best generator that one could buy for a food truck. It’s powerful, the power that it outputs is of very high quality, and it looks great. It comes with some fancy extra features too, including an LCD screen. It’s a generator that you can confidently leave alone, and be sure that it will keep your business powered up all day,