Electric Generators – The Best Out There

A good electric portable generator is essential, should you lose power or want to use power on the go.  In this modern day and age, power is used in so many different aspects of our lives. Finding a good electric generator can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s where this article should come into play.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best electric start generators available. We’ll go through exactly the features that you should be looking for when purchasing a good electric start generator, as well as those elements that you should be looking to avoid.

An electric start generator usually comes with a traditional recoil pull start as well. This means there’s no need to worry should the electric starter stop working – there will always be a  reliable starting option for your portable generator.


Champion 75537I – Powerful Electric Start Inverter

The 75537I  inverter generator from champion power equipment is the first on our list of best electric start generators. The 75537I is powered by gas and is an inverter generator. It’s fitted with an electric start and is also portable – both by carrying with the handles and by pushing or pulling along using the wheels.

The wheel kit that’s fitted to this generator from champion power equipment is designed to be tough and hard-wearing. It has tires that never go flat, and is, therefore, a very suitable unit for pulling over rough and rugged ground.

It’s not exactly a lightweight generator, weighing in at 95 pounds. However, it does come fitted with a wheel kit as standard, as well as handles on top. These make the generator very easy to move around, however you might like to.

The Champion 75537I is a powerful unit. It’s got a starting wattage of 3100 watts and is able to provide a further 2800 watts of continuous power. It is an efficient generator too – the 75537I can provide up to 8 hours of power from just one 1.5 gallon tank of fuel, when at 25% load.

This unit has been tested and has been confirmed to be powerful enough to run an air conditioning unit – very handy to know if you plan on taking your champion generator out on an RV trip.

The Champion 75537I operates at only 58 decibels. It’s very refined for a generator that’s able to put out 3100 watts of power. This unit is also RV-ready. Being RV-ready and an inverter generator makes this the perfect unit for taking camping. You won’t need to worry about using adaptors for connecting the generator to your RV. The inverter technology also means that the power outputted by this Champion unit it’s safe to be used with all electronics, even those that are most small and delicate.

This generator offers ultimate versatility, being able to charge small devices at the same time.


Key Features

  • Electric Start – no need to worry about recoil starts with the Champion 75537I. It’s fitted with an electric start button, making cold starts and initial starts very easy.
  • Remote Start – this unit can also be started remotely.
  • Efficient – this generator’s fitted with Champion’s economy mode, meaning that the engine’s only run at the speed that’s required to output the current level of power. This means a massive fuel saving and quieter operation.
  • Quiet and refined – the 75537I operates at only 58 decibels, it’s one of the quietest in its class.
  • Inverter Generator – the inverter technology in this generator means that it is just as suitable for powering large appliances, as it is small and sensitive devices.



  • No 240V power socket like many others in its class.
  • Quite heavy – although still portable, it’s not easy for everyone to lift at 95lbs.




WEN 56310i – Super Quiet Inverter Electric Start Generator

The 56310I from WEN is an inverter generator that is portable, and powerful. It’s capable of producing 3100 starting watts and providing 2800 continuous watts. Being an inverter generator, the 56310I produces clean and reliable power with only a tiny amount of harmonic distortion.

In fact, the harmonic distortion present in the current outputted by the generator is one of the lowest available. At less than 1.2% total harmonic distortion when operating at full capacity, it is just as safe to charge and power small sensitive electronics with the 56310, as it is to power large powerful appliances.

The 56310I is an efficient generator as well. WEN has installed their “Eco Mode” technology within, meaning the speed at which the engine runs is just enough to provide the current requested power output. This means that the engine is not constantly running at full capacity and producing more power than it needs to. It’s as efficient as can be, and the very long run time of 7.5 hours at 50% capacity proves this.

The eco mode technology installed within the engine also extends the life and durability of the engine – it is not constantly being placed under unnecessary strain.

The 56310I is not all that light a generator weighing 82 pounds, but it is still extremely portable as it comes with wheels and a pulling handle as standard, making portability extremely easy. Another great feature that the WEN 55310I boasts is its parallel connectivity capabilities. It can be connected in parallel with another WEN unit. This is a useful feature to have if you would like a greater total power output by combining the two generators together, or would like to spread the load of large appliances between two units.

The 56310I has a wealth of safety features. To prevent damage to the engine, it’s included with overload protection as standard. It also has an automatic low oil detection and shutdown system which protects the engine from burning out in the event of the oil level becoming dangerously low. It will also shut down automatically if the fuel becomes too low, and will not run right to the end of the fuel tank. On the control panel, there is also a fuel gauge and various warning lights notifying the same things.

The 56310I is CARB compliant too, meaning that it can be used all across the USA. This also gives you peace of mind that you’re not having an unnecessarily large impact on the environment when running this generator.

Due to its high power capabilities and portability, the uses that this generator has are numerous.


Key Features

  • Powerful – the 56310i has a starting wattage of 3100 watts, and a continuous wattage of 2800 watts. This is more than enough power to keep most, if not all of the appliances that you’ll use when camping up and running
  • Refined – running at just 58 decibels, it’s an astoundingly quiet unit
  • Portable – although the generator weighs 82lbs, it comes with handles and wheels. As a result of these, it’s easily portable and great for pulling over a variety of terrain types.
  • CARB Compliant
  • Eco-Mode – this WEN uses eco mode to ensure that the engine only runs at the speed that’s necessary to produce the level of power that’s needed. This saves fuel and extends the life of the engine
  • Safe for powering all devices – there’s a high-quality inverter installed within this WEN unit, making for a power output that has less than 1.2% harmonic distortion – less than the national grid for example.



  • Eco-mode is not great when used at loads that are greater than 1000 watts




Pulsar Products PG10000B16 Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar Product’s PG10000B16 unit is a dual fuel generator that can run on both propane gas and regular gasoline. When being powered by gasoline, it’s able to output a maximum wattage of 10,000 watts, and will provide a continuous power output of 8000 watts. When being fuelled by propane gas, it’ll still output an impressive 9000 watts of starting wattage, and continuous wattage output of 7000 watts.

The massive power potential that the Pulsar PG10000B16 offers is more than capable of covering your power needs in the event of a power cut at your home. The 10,000 watts of power that it provides are able to cover all large and all small appliances in and around your home, including those for example in the garden or garage.

It’s fitted with an efficient 15 horsepower engine and is well protected in a heavy-duty steel frame. It’s also fitted with “never-flat” tires that don’t suffer from puncture no matter the terrain that they’re being pulled over. The PG10000B16 is fitted with handles too so that you move the generator with absolute ease.

It can be started by recoil pull start or electric start. The fuel that you’re going to use in the generator can be easily selected by a selector switch. It’s also got the usual safety features that you’d expect on a high-class generator such as a low oil warning and automatic engine shutdown system, as well as power overload protection and circuit breakers.

The PG10000B16 is CARB compliant too, so you can use it anywhere in the United States, and can be sure that you’re not doing unnecessary damage to the environment at the same time.


Key Features

  • Ergonomically designed control panel, with power meters and low oil indicators
  • A large number of power outlets – 4 h120v outlets, an RV-Ready 50 amp socket, a 120V/240V 30A Twist-Lock socket, as well as a smaller 12V DC outlet. All of these make the Pulsar Products unit excellent for powering a large variety of appliance types at the same time.
  • Maximum starting wattage of 10,000 watts when being powered by gasoline
  • Maximum starting wattage of 9000 watts when being powered by propane
  • More than capable of powering larger appliances around the house should you lose power



  • Quite loud when operating at higher speed
  • Power output said to be variable by some users



The Champion 75537i is a generator that’s powerful, RV-ready, and great for camping. Like all others on our list, it’s fitted with an electric starting button and so starting is never a problem. It’s easily portable and is fitted with a wheel kit – it could be lifted too at 95lbs. It’s quiet operating at only 58 decibels but is lacking a 240v socket for standard household appliances. It does come backed with a well-known and very reliable name too.

The WEN 56310i is a very well-refined, and quiet electric start generator. It’s got a maximum power output of 3100 watts and is more than powerful enough for the majority of common uses. It’s very efficient too being fitted with eco-mode, meaning that the engine’s only run at the speed that it needs to be for the required power output. If you’re looking for an efficient, well-refined generator with enough power for all normal appliances, it’s a very sensible choice.

The Pulsar PG10000B16 is slightly different from the other two that we’ve presented on the list, for two reasons. It’s a dual fuel generator that can run on either propane gas or regular gasoline, making it extremely versatile. it’s also got a massive amount of power – it’s got a peak starting wattage of 9000 watts. It’s a powerful electric generator with electric start and dual fuel capabilities. If you’re in the market for a generator that’s able to be moved around, whilst being capable of covering even a power cut at your home, you’ll be hard pushed to find much better. If you’re interested in whole house generators, check out our full review of the best whole house and standby generators here.