The DuroMax XP10000EH – Is It Worth Your Money?

The Duromax XP10000EH is a powerful dual-fuel generator. It can run on either regular gasoline, or liquid propane gas. It’s able to deliver a very large amount of portable power, at whatever location you might need it. As we’ll go into later in the article, although the Duromax XP10000Eh is indeed a powerful generator, it’s also very portable and easy to move around – mainly due to the “never-flat” tires that it has fitted.

The XP10000EH has been fitted with a large number of features. Some of the features that have been fitted to the unit are designed for safety, and some are more focussed on making the generator as easy to use as is possible.

The Duromax XP10000EH is very powerful indeed. It’s got 10,000 watts of starting power, and 8,000 continuous watts of power. Due to the flexibility of the generator, it can easily power small devices such as hair dryers and phones, just as well as it can power larger appliances and tools such as power tools and refrigerators.

The fact that the XP10000EH is a dual fuel generator makes it more versatile than the average 10kW generator that’s available. Whilst this unit does offer conveniently the option to power it using gasoline, it can also be powered by liquid propane. Liquid propane has many advantages. To start with, it is a far cleaner source of power when compared to gasoline. When propane is burned, it does not leave the same dirt and carbon deposits in the engine that gasoline does. The life of the engine is therefore considerably longer if propane is used more often than gasoline.

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The engine that’s in the Duromax XP10000EH is a powerful 440cc OHV engine that has more than enough power to keep large demanding appliances such as kitchen appliances and power tools running. The engine in the XP10000EH is relatively quiet too – it runs at just 72 decibels. For reference, this is not all that much louder than a conversation between two people.

It’s got a spark arrestor too, which makes it safe for use in forests, and in areas that you might normally be worried about a fire risk. The spark arrestor prevents the generator from emitting sparks into areas which could normally be fire-prone.

To aid the fuel efficiency of the engine, it’s equipped with idle control technology that Duromax has installed. This is design to slow down the running speed of the engine when it’s not required to output as much power. Running an engine at a higher speed requires considerably more power than running it at a low speed. This results in the XP10000EH being a very efficient generator indeed.

The Duromax XP10000EH is fitted with automatic low oil level detection and shutdown. When the generator is running too low on oil, the system installed automatically detects this and shut down operation of the engine. Running an engine with too little oil can cause serious and long-term damage to it, the system that’s installed aims to prevent this from happening.

The XP10000EH has a well-designed control panel with a massive variety of different power outlets. The selection of power outlets on the control panel means that you can power just about any device, regardless of the socket, from the XP10000EH. It’s equipped with two 120V household outlets, a 120V 30A twist-lock outlet that’s great for use with RV’s, as well as a 30A and 50A 240V outlet. It’s also fitted with a voltmeter that allows you to see how much of the generator’s capacity you’re using, and a 12V DC outlet that’s great for charging smaller devices and appliances directly from the generator.

The Duromax XP10000EH complies with emissions standards that should be met around the USA too. All generators that are made by Duromax are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are also CARB compliant. The XP10000EH is also sold with a 1-year warranty. Considering this generator is quite an investment, you may not consider a one year warranty to be sufficient.

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Key Features

  • Starting Wattage of 10,000 watts
  • Running Wattage of 8,000 watts
  • Dual Fuel – the XP10000EH can run on either liquid propane or regular gasoline
  • Powerful 440cc OHV engine – it’s more than enough power to keep large demanding appliances such as kitchen appliances and power tools running
  • Fuel Efficient with Idle Control technology
  • Low Oil level detection and automatic shutdown
  • A large variety of power outlets on a well0designed and easy to use control panel – the XP10000EH is fitted with power outlets including two 120V household outlets, a 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, as well 30A and 50A 240V power outlets
  • Electric Starter – the XP10000EH can be easily started electrically with a key. In the unlikely event that the electric starter was to fail, Duromax has also provided a backup recoil pull starter
  • Fuel Selector Switch – it’s extremely easy to change between the two fuels that can be used with the XP10000EH via use of the selector switch
  • Quiet and Refined
  • Strong and sturdy construction – the Duromax XP10000EH is an extremely heavy duty generator indeed. It weighs in at a massive 265 pounds. Whilst this is heavy, the generator can still be easily pulled around due to the dense, solid tires that are fitted to it.


  • No surge protection
  • Duromax is not known to have a good level of customer service

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The Duromax XP10000EH is a fantastic generator that’s both powerful and efficient, with very long runtimes on offer. However, Duromax as previously stated is not known for its customer service. If you can see past the risk of poor customer service and look at the generator for how great it is in many ways, it makes for a sensible investment in our opinion.

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