A Guide To Champion Generators

For many, a high-quality and reliable generator is an absolute essential. Generators have so many different uses. They are able to provide power where it would never have been possible to access before.

The beauty of a good generator is that it will allow you not only luxury in terms of power when you would like it, but also power when it is essential, if, for example, your home were to lose power.

Having a good generator that you can rely on is never a bad thing. Not having one and getting into a situation that you do need one, however, could certainly be a bad thing.p

Champion is one of the best-known generator manufacturers. They are known not only for generators, but for tools too. Similarly to tools produced by Champion, Champion’s generators offer the highest levels in terms of reliability, build-quality and safety. They are also far more cost-effective than some of their competitors.

A Brief Background On Champion

Champion Power Equipment has been at the forefront of power generation since starting in 2003. Definitely a younger name than competitors such as Generac and Westinghouse, but by no means any less in terms of product power and quality.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best generators that Champion Power Equipment has to offer in terms of each generator’s best uses, power ratings, efficiency, and build quality.

As well as supreme build quality, Champion generators come in a variety of fuel types. Champion Power Equipment are well-known for producing generators that are gasoline fuelled, as well as dual-fuelled and propane fuelled options. In addition to their high-quality and variety of generators, Champion is known for its great level of both customer service and customer satisfaction – one of the most important parts of any organisation, without doubt.

Champion 75537i – 3100 Inverter Generator

The 75537i from Champion is an ideal generator if you’re looking for something that is both portable, whilst being able to provide a large amount of high-quality power on demand, as and when you need it.

Whilst not as small as some other similarly-powered generators, it’s still very easy to move around since it’s fitted with wheels and a handle. The advantage of these slightly larger dimensions, though, are that the 75537i is able to put out a very respectable amount of power indeed. It’s got a large starting wattage of 3100 watts and will output power continuously thereafter at 2800 watts. In terms of what you’ll be using the generator to power, it’s got more than enough to power or charge a number of electronic devices, lights etc at the same time.

Another two areas that the 75537i particularly excels in are refinement and efficiency. In terms of running times, this Champion generator is able to provide 8 hours of power from a full tank of fuel for up to 8 hour’s time. In addition to this, it will provide that power whilst generating only 58db of sound – quieter than an average conversation in a room of people!

The 75537i is an inverter generator too. The inverter ensures that the generator outputs clean power that’s safe for use with all types of electronics. There’s no need to worry about damaging sensitive electronics when powering them with this generator.

Key Features

  • Starting Power of 3100 watts
  • Continuous power output of 2800 watts
  • Lightweight at just under 97 pounds
  • Refined – the Champion 75537i outputs power whilst running at only 58 decibels
  • Economic – from just one tank of fuel, the 75537i is able to run for up to 8 hours time
  • High-quality power – since the 75537i is fitted with an inverter, it outputs power that has minimal total harmonic distortion, meaning that it’s safe to be used with all devices/electronics


Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

If you’d like to run a generator on different types of fuel, this 3400-watt dual fuel option has exactly that covered. Not only can this generator be fuelled by gasoline, but it can also run on propane gas. Running a generator with propane gas is very good for the life of the engine, due to the fact that propane burns much more cleanly than gasoline and does not leave nearly as many carbon deposits in the engine. Not only does this mean that the life of the generator will be extended, it means that the generator can run optimally at all times.

The 3400W dual fuel generator from Champion is fitted with a powerful yet efficient 192cc engine. Not only will this engine run extremely efficiently for almost 7 and a half hours, but it will also do so quietly, emitting only 59 decibels of noise when in operation. At a lower volume than a normal conversation, the dual fuel generator is ideal for use in places such as campsites where too much noise could be an issue.

This generator is too fitted with an inverter. The inverter means that the power output by the generator is of high quality and has very minimal harmonic distortion, meaning that it’s safe for use with sensitive electronics such as laptops, digital cameras and phones. In addition to this, the generator is provided with a limited warranty of 3 years, as well as the fantastically-rated customer support from Champion.

Key Features

  • 3400 watts of starting power and 3100 watts of running power from gasoline
  • 3060 watts of starting power and 2790 watts of running power from propane
  • Dual fuel – the generator can be fuelled by either propane or traditional gasoline
  • Inverter – this generator can be safely used to support all types of electronics. Due to the inverter fitted, the power outputted by the generator has very minimal total harmonic distortion
  • Efficient – when running from gasoline, the 3400W generator will keep going for up to 7.5 hours. When connected to a propane tank, this 3400W unit will keep providing power for a very impressive 14 hours (from a 20lb propane tank)
  • Refined – at only 59 decibels, the generator is not loud at all. It’s ideal for using in locations that a noise curfew may be in place
  • Parallel connection available – if you require more power on one occasion but would still like the advantages of a small and portable generator, this unit can be connected in parallel with another one to double the amount of starting and running power available
  • Electric Starter for trouble-free ignition
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty and lifetime customer support

Champion 14kW Backup Generator

In this day and age, it’s not easy to forget about just how much we rely on electricity at home. Not only is it a luxury, but it is also essential. One thing that a lot of people do forget though is to have a plan in place should their home lose power. Losing power at home for a short time might be no problem, but losing the use of your most essential appliances could be quite a problem if it’s for longer than a day or two.

Of course, some areas are more susceptible to power loss than others. Having a backup generator in place at home is an extremely wise idea. They can either be used as a source of power for your home or indeed just a secondary power source in the event of an unexpected power cut.

The Champion Power Equipment 100294 14kW home standby is a very reliable choice for anyone that’s looking to keep their home powered up at all times. It has been engineered by Champion to be able to operate in all elements, and is extremely powerful.

As a dual fuel generator, it can run on either natural or propane gas. Propane gas will let the unit push outpower up to 14,000 watts, and natural gas up to till a very impressive 12,500 watts.

There’s no need to worry about the 100294 being too loud outside your home either. At just under 64 decibels, anyone that’s any reasonable distance away from the unit won’t be able to hear it at all.

Key Features

  • Dual Fuel – the 100294 can be fuelled by your choice of natural gas or propane gas
  • 14000 watts of power when running from propane
  • 12500 watts of power when running on natural gas
  • Very refined – at only 64 decibels, it’s a very quiet unit
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Extremely hardwearing – the 100294 is a very strong unit indeed. It has been engineered by Champion so that it is able to operate efficiently in all weather conditions, and in all temperatures