The Best 3 Briggs & Stratton Models – Reviewed

Briggs & Stratton is a name that is strongly correlated with high quality and power. Briggs & Stratton has been at the forefront of engineering and the world of engineering products for over 100 years.

Over this vast time, the company has grown and developed their knowledge alongside the size of its business. To this day, it makes high-quality products that are among the best.

Briggs & Stratton make generators for all areas of the power generation market. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the finest examples of Briggs & Stratton generators. In each review, we’ll examine what the best parts on each generator are, as well as going into detail on all of the features that each product has on offer.

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Inverter – The Most Portable

The P2200 is the most portable generator on our list. It weighs in at only 55 pounds but does not sacrifice power for this portability. It has a maximum starting wattage of 2200 watts, and a running output of 1700 watts. A running output of 1700 watts is a fair amount for a generator that only weighs 55 pounds.

Like all Briggs & Stratton generators, the P2200 looks great. It’s well designed and is very easy to carry using the handle mounted on top. There is a control panel mounted on the front of the generator that has a very good selection of power sockets. These include two standard 230V household outlets, a 12V charging outlet, and a 5B USB port.

You may well be wondering at this point what is the need for USB ports is on the front of a generator that’s this powerful. Even though the p2200 is a powerful unit, the current that it outputs is of very high quality. It is fitted with a high tech inverter that ensures the power that is outputted by the generator has very minimal harmonic distortion. It has less than 3% total harmonic distortion, making it very safe for all devices.

Due to the high-quality power, the USB and 12V DC ports can be used to charge small devices whilst still using the larger more powerful sockets on the generator. The P2200 is very versatile indeed.

The P2200 is one of the best Briggs generators that you could hope to buy not just for the amount of and quality of power that it outputs though. It’s also very fuel efficient. It’s fitted with a 1-gallon gasoline fuel tank that is able to keep the generator going for up to 8 hours when running at 25% capacity.

It’s a very refined generator too. When this Briggs & Stratton unit is running at a quarter load, it operates at only 59 decibels. When it has “eco-mode” activated, it runs at a shockingly silent 57 decibels.

“Eco-mode” on the P2200 is the technology that Briggs & Stratton have installed to ensure that the generator only runs at the speed that is necessary to provide the power output that’s currently required. It adds to the efficiency of the generator.

Key Features

  • Maximum Power – 2200 watts
  • Running Power – 1700 watts
  • Good variety of power outlets – two standard 230V household outlets, a 12V charging outlet, and a 5B USB port
  • Parallel connection – the generator can be connected in parallel with another Briggs & Stratton unit, meaning a greater total power output
  • Inverter Generator – the power that the P2200 outputs are safe for use with all types of devices due to the minimal harmonic distortion present
  • Efficient – the 1-gallon gas tank is enough to keep the generator fuelled for 8 hours
  • Quiet – operates at as low a volume as 57 decibels


  • No electric starter

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Briggs & Stratton 40445 – The Standby Generator

The Briggs & Stratton 40445 is a powerful standby/whole house generator. It is indeed smaller than a lot of other whole house generators, but this is the idea of the product. The small size and a large reserve of power work to the advantage of the 40445.

The 40445 can provide up to 8000 watts of power for your home. It’s got more than enough power to keep all of your major appliances going for a considerable amount of time. The 40445, however, is quite different from all other whole house generators.

The vast majority of standby generators require that you install them outside your home. However, the 40445 from Briggs & Stratton can be installed either inside or outside your home. It’s extremely safe and has some of the highest ratings from the National Fire Protection Agency.

It is so safe that it can be installed just 18 inches from the walls of your home. It tends to be the case that whole house generators have to be installed quite a distance from the house. The very high safety ratings of the 40445 mean that it can be installed much closer. For this reason, it is a key generator if you do not have a huge amount of space available to use up outside your home.

There is no question of the durability of this generator either, as it is made from the same steel that is used to make cars. It is designed not to rust, and to protect the internals of the generator for life.

Even though this generator has slightly less power than other whole house generators, it does not necessarily mean that it is able to power fewer appliances. Briggs & Stratton have developed an advanced power management system that they have installed in the 40445.

The power management system in the 40445 is called “Symphony II.” it has been designed to prioritize sending power to those appliances that are most important. For example, if too many devices were requesting power, it may prioritize the oven and washing machine in the home of the kitchen.

Key Features

  • Highly advanced power management system
  • Easy to use – the 40445 can be connected to the home very easily via a switch to provide backup power
  • Quiet Operation
  • Great where space is tight – It can be installed very close to the outer wall of the home as close as 18 inches
  • 5-year warranty
  • 8000 Watts of power
  • Very Safe – the 40445 has received some of the highest available ratings from the National fire protection agency
  • Durable


  • No power cables included as standard

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Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 – The RV-Ready Unit

The 30545 P3000 from Briggs & Stratton is an RV ready generator that has been designed to be as portable and as usable as possible, whilst putting out a very large amount of power for its size. The retractable handle and wheel kit that it has fitted makes it very easy to pull along and to move from place to place.

It also has a handle fitted on either side, allowing it to easily be carried by more than one person. The wheels on this unit never go flat either – they have been designed to be pulled over a variety of terrains and ground types.

The 30545 P3000 has a maximum wattage of 3000 watts and a running wattage of 2600 watts. This is more than enough power to run any normal sized air conditioning unit or heater in an RV.

It’s an efficient generator too, being able to run for almost 10 hours on 1.5 gallons of fuel at a quarter of its potential.

A feature that makes the P3000 very special is the LCD screen that it has installed on the front of the unit. The screen shows information such as the amount of energy that’s currently being used, as well as how much energy the generator is outputting, and an approximation of how many hours are left in the fuel that is in the generator.

The P3000 doesn’t suffer from a lot of breakages either, as it shows many regular reminders such as when to change the oil and when a service is due.

The P3000 also has an inverter fitted. This makes the power that it outputs safe to use with just about any device, no matter how smalls.  The inverter in this generator makes the current being output very clean and stable – it has less than 3% total harmonic distortion. As well as being a great option for camping and RV use, this generator is great for tailgating and providing emergency power for your appliances at home, should there be a power cut.

Key Features

  • Fuel Efficient –  The P3000 has an automatic idle control feature fitted, meaning that it will only run when it needs to provide power
  • Parallel Capable – if you would like to, you can combine the forces of your P3000 with another P3000, or indeed a P2200. This allows you to spread the load of a larger appliance, or simply to get a greater total power output
  • 3000 watts starting output, 2600 watts running output
  • Informative LCD screen
  • Portable with wheels, a retractable handle, and the option to be carried by more than one person
  • Inverter fitted ensuring a clean and smooth output that’s suitable for all devices


  • Known to be louder than is rated
  • Draining oil cleanly during a change can be tricky

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If you’re looking for a standby generator, the 40445 is one of the best options that you can choose. It’s very unique and is one of Briggs  & Stratton’s most technologically advanced generators in that it can be stored just 18 inches from the home.

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The P3000 is a fantastic choice of generator whether or not you have an RV. Whilst it is an RV-ready generator, the large amount of both power and features that the P3000 has on offer can be put to good use in any situation that power is required.

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In our opinion, the Briggs & Stratton P2200 Powersmart Series 2200 watt is the best generator that Briggs & Stratton have on offer. It’s not their most powerful, but it offers a great amount of power at a very fair price. It also outputs extremely high-quality power that’s suitable for use with any device. The fact that it offers a parallel connection with any other Briggs & Stratton unit means that you’re not limited to the 1700 running watts that one unit is capable of.

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