6000 Watt Generators – A Couple Of The Best

If you’re looking for a portable generator, or a generator to use a source of backup power for a couple of appliances, a 6000 wat unit could be a very good option indeed. 6000-watt generators are very flexible. Generators that are in this power band, whilst being very powerful, tend also to be portable and fitted with an inverter.

Whilst 6000 watt generators can be very portable, they can also be designed with being more based in one particular location. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of different options of 6000-watt generators.

For each 6000-watt unit, we’ll take a close look at the features that they have to offer. We’ll also tell you exactly what we like and what we dislike about each unit, from a non-biased viewpoint.

Pulsar PG6000 – The Portable Consumer Choice

The Pulsar PG6000 is a powerful 6000-watt generator. It’s portable and makes for an excellent choice if you are in the market for a generator that’s able to pack a lot of power potential into a small space.

The Pulsar PG7000 has a starting wattage of 6000 watts, and a running wattage of 5000 watts. For a generator that’s this powerful, the weight of 181 lbs that it comes in at is really quite respectable.

The PG6000 is an efficient unit too – when being used at half of its potential, the 6.6-gallon fuel tank will keep the generator running for almost 14 hours. When being used at half load, the PG6000 will be pushing out 2500 watts of power. For a 6.6-gallon fuel tank, a runtime of up to 14 hours is very good indeed.

The PG6000 is fitted with a number of features too. The amount of features and additional extras that the PG6000 has, considering its price, is great. The generator is fitted with a fuel gauge and digital meter, ensuring that you won’t struggle with unexpected losses of power.

Key Features

  • Powerful 303cc 10hp engine 0 the engine that’s fitted into the PG6000 is a four-stroke, OHV engine. It’s protected by a powder coated frame, making for a resilient unit indeed.
  • Starting wattage of 6000 watts
  • Running wattage of 5000 watts
  • Portable – even though the PG6000 comes in at 181 lbs in weight, it is fitted as standard with a wheel kit and drop-down handles, that makes for a very portable unit. The wheels that are fitted to the bottom of the PG6000 are known as “never-flat” wheels, meaning they’re great for taking over all terrains without worrying.
  • 6.6-gallon fuel tank
  • Efficient – has a runtime of up to 14 hours when being used at 50% load
  • Low-oil level indicator – if the oil level in the PG6000 becomes dangerously low, the unit will let you know. This avoids large repair bills and permanent engine damage.
  • Good variety of power outlets
  • Operates at 72 decibels 


  • At 72 decibels, it’s not the quietest or most refined generator about


DuroStar DS7000Q – Hardwearing Diesel Generator

The Durostar The DS7000Q is a hardwearing, powerful generator. It’ s got a maximum output of 6000 watts and a running output of 5500 watts. The powerful four-stroke engine that’s fitted to the DS7000Q runs on diesel, and therefore a powerful and efficient unit.

The DS7000Q has a good variety of power outlets – on the control panel, it’s fitted with five different sockets. It’s fitted with two standard 120 volt 20A sockets, which are perfect for use with any regular household appliances or devices. DuroStar has also considered those that might want to use the generator on a building site or with an RV and has installed two (120/240V) twist-lock power outlets.

The main downside to using a diesel generator is the vibrations and noise that they can sometimes make. This is due to the nature of diesel engines and cannot be avoided all that much. However, DuroStar has made sure that any noise and vibrations are minimized as much as they possibly can be in the DS7000Q by adding anti-vibration mounting plates between the engine generator and the base of the frame of the generator. These are very helpful in reducing vibrations.

The mounting plates that are fitted to the DS70000Q are dual-purpose too – by reducing the number of vibrations and shaking present in the unit, the life of the generator is increased. To ensure the generator’s operating volume is kept to a minimum, DuroStar has installed soundproofing mufflers.

The DS7000Q is an efficient generator that will run for around 12 hours when being used at half of its potential capacity. It’s got a large fuel of just under 3.9 gallons in size. It’s fitted with a fuel gauge too, meaning that you’ll not have to deal with an unexpected power loss due to running out of fuel.

Key Features

  • 6000 surge watts
  • 5500 watts of continuous power
  • Electric and Remote starters
  • Recoil starter for backup
  • Quiet and refined – the DS7000Q has employed some great soundproofing and refinement measures to make sure that it’s as pleasant to be around as possible. It’s fitted with mounting plates to reduce the overall vibrations and noise from the unit
  • Portable – even though it’s a large and heavy unit, it comes fitted with a wheel kit
  • Efficient – at 50% capacity, this generator will run for around 12 hours.
  • A large fuel tank of 3.9 gallons in size
  • 1 Year Parts Coverage


  • Expensive
  • Only a 30-day warranty period



The two generators that we compare in this post are very different indeed.

The Pulsar PG6000 is a powerful unit that’s easily portable, and that’s very easy to use. It comes with some great features, including a good variety of power outlets, a surge wattage of 6000 watts, and very durable “never flat” wheels that make pulling the generator around very easy indeed. In our opinion, the PG6000S is the best 6000-watt generator available for purchase, especially considering its price range.

The DuroStar DS7000Q is a large and powerful unit. It can be started either electronically or remotely. The DS7000Q is primarily designed to be used in industry – it’s rugged, heavy, and well-built.