What’s The Best 50kW Generator?

Generators that are 50kW in size are extremely powerful indeed. They tend to be designed for use in industry, such as use in heavy industry and construction for example.

Generators that are in the power band of 50kW are not usually available for purchase on the normal consumer market. They are not nearly as heavily used as, say for example 5kW or 10kW units, and for this reason, not nearly as many of them are made and sold.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at what we believe to be the best 50kW generator on the market – the Generac SD050. We’ll look at why we think this, as well as in-depth specifications of the generator, and it’s most common uses.

The Generac SD050 – 50kW Generator

The Generac SD050 is an extremely powerful diesel-fueled generator with a maximum power output of a massive 50,000 watts. The SD050 is at the very top line of what Generac makes – it is one of Generac’s most high-end and most powerful generators. The SD050 can be purchased in either single or three phase variations. It’s more than powerful enough to provide backup power for an entire building, and indeed an entire building as large as an industrial unit or a garage for example. It’s the perfect unit for providing backup power to more permanent or long-term operations, such as a more semi-permanent building project for example.

The Generac SD050 is encased in an extremely heavy-duty, soundproofing enclosure. Diesel engines are known to be slightly louder and more prominent than their gasoline and natural gas/propane alternatives, however the enclosure thar Generac has manufactured for the SD050 ensures that it’s pretty quiet indeed.

The alternator that’s installed in the SD050  is of industrial grade too, with machine wound, inserted, and varnished internals to ensure that they are excellent at transforming power from the engine for as long as is possible.

Key Features 

  • 50,000 Watts of maximum power
  • Powerful diesel-fuelled engine
  • More than suitable for backing up the power needs of a small building or industrial unit
  • Machine crafted internals to ensure consistency and reliability
  • High-Quality enclosure that ensures good soundproofing of the powerful diesel engine


Diesel-powered – Diesel engines are known for not being nearly as refined as their petrol-powered counterparts. However, a Diesel engine is essential to provide this volume of power


Would we recommend the Generac SD050? We definitely would – there’s no doubt that you at for what you get with Generac and this is indeed reflected in the price of this unit. However, boasting machine wound internals and a soundproof enclosure, it makes for a great unit for providing a massive 50,000 watts of power.

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