The Best 50 Amp Generators – Reviewed

If you plan on moving around and using your appliances and devices at the same time, it’s likely that you’re going to need a generator at some point. A portable generator is able to provide a source of power when you’re on the move.

Depending on the size of the generator, you’ll be able to power a large variety of devices and appliances at any location. A 50-amp generator is a unit that will be more than capable of providing a large amount of power, wherever you are.

In this post, we’re going to take a thorough look at some of what we believe to be the best 50-amp generators available.


Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter – Cost Effective

The Champion 3400-watt dual fuel is a powerful generator that’s more than capable of catering for 50 amps of power. It’s great for use alongside your RV or trailer too, being equipped with specially adapted power outlets.

This 3400W dual-fuel unit from Champion is well refined, operating at a very quiet 59 decibels. Being dual-fuel, it’s able to run on either gasoline or propane gas – whichever you prefer or is available at the time of running.

Dual-fuel generators such as this 3400W Champion unit tend to have more prolonged engine lives too. This is because propane does not leave large carbon deposits in the engine of the generator as gasoline does. This allows for increased airflow and engine life.

The 3400W is an efficient generator too. It’s got a runtime of more than 7 hours when burning gasoline, and over 14 hours from a full tank of regular propane. It’s very portable too – at 97 pounds it can be easily lifted by one person.

This unit from Champion is also equipped with a low-oil detection system and automatic shutdown, should the oil level become too low. This is perfect for preventing serious engine damage. If you’d like to use the unit with an RV, it’s equipped with a TT-30 power socket.

Key Features

  • Dual Fuel – runs on either propane or gasoline
  • Quiet and Refined – the generator runs at only 59 decibels when operating at a quarter load
  • Portable – this unit comes with wheels fitted, and also weighs in at less than 100 lbs. It’s therefore very easily portable by one person.
  • Electric Starter
  • Parallel Capable – this generator can be connected in parallel with another Champion unit in order to increase the total power outlet available, allowing larger appliances to be used
  • Inverter – being equipped with an inverter, this unit provides very high-quality electricity that’s suitable for use with all devices and appliances, no matter the device’s size.
  • Clean Power – less than 3% total harmonic distortion
  • Efficient – runtimes of over 7 hours when on gasoline, and more than 14 hours when on propane



  • Not optimized to work in very warm environments


 Honda EU3000iS

The Honda EU3000iS is a 50A generator that is certainly an investment – this can be taken in both good and bad ways. It’s not exactly modestly priced, but it’s of extremely high-quality. The build quality of the Honda EU3000iS is astoundingly good – it’s an extremely durable unit that has been built to be well-used.

It’s got a maximum output wattage of 3000 watts, and a running wattage of 2800 watts. It’s also an inverter generator, that makes it safe to power small and sensitive devices as well as larger, more power-hungry appliances.

The EU3000iS won’t be problematic if used in an area where there are a lot of noise restrictions in place either. It runs at only 49 decibels and is one of the quietest generators that exist.

It’s portable too, weighing in at 131 pounds. It also has an optional wheel kit that can be purchased, making the generator very easily moveable by one person over a variety of different terrains.

A great feature that Honda has fitted the EU3000iS with is parallel connection capabilities. It can be connected in parallel with another Honda unit in order to increase the total power output that’s available. This can be very useful if for the majority of the time the running wattage of 2800 watts isn’t used, but you’d like more power on one rare occasion.

Key Features

  • Starting wattage of 3000 watts
  • Running wattage of 2800 watts
  • Very Quiet and Refined – the EU3000iS has a running volume of as low as 49 decibels. This is quieter than the average conversation between two people. It’s the quietest generator that we have ever reviewed
  • Economic on Fuel – Honda have fitted their Eco-Throttle system into the EU3000iS. This system allows the engine to only run at the speed that is necessary to provide the power output being used at the time
  • Inverter Generator – the inverter that’s fitted within the EU3000iS ensures that the power that it outputs is of very high quality. The power from the EU3000iS is just as suitable for powering a heater as it is a mobile phone battery


  • It’s quite heavy and might be a struggle for one person to move around if thw wheel kit isn’t fitted
  • Pricey


Yamaha EF6300iSDE

Even though this is the most expensive generator on our list of 50A generators, it is by far the most powerful. Being more than capable of providing 50A of power, this generator will more than happily run an air conditioning unit in an RV for example. Whilst expensive, the EF63000iSDE is of very high-quality and is very durable.

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE is a very powerful inverter generator. The power that it outputs is clear sine wave, meaning that there is almost no harmonic distortion present in it. This makes the power suitable for use with devices and appliances of all sizes, no matter how small or sensitive. This also makes the EF6300iSDE an extremely versatile generator. It can easily power a large air conditioning unit, or you can just plug your digital camera into it to charge. It truly can be used for anything.

The powerful 357cc gasoline engine that’s fitted in the Yamaha EF6300iSDE has a massive starting wattage of 6300 watts, and a running wattage of 5500 watts. It’s got a good variety of both 120V and 240V power outlets too.

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE is equipped with a number of safety features, including an automatic low oil level detection and warning system. This means that the generator automatically detects when the oil level in the engine becomes too low, and shuts down the generator to prevent damage.

It’s a very heavy unit at 200 pounds but isn’t particularly heavy when you think about the amount of power that’s available from it. It is too heavy to be carried by one person but does have wheels meaning it can be pushed along by one person.

Considering the Yamaha EF6300iSDE puts out 5500 watts of running power, it runs extremely quietly at just 64 decibels. This sound level is due to the advanced mufflers and sound enclosure that Yamaha has added. 

Key Features

  • Maximum output of 6300 watts
  • Running output of 5500 watts
  • Quiet and refined operation – the EF6300iSDE runs at only 64 decibels
  • Smart throttle that only fuels the amount of engine with how much gasoline is required
  • Switch for changing between 120V and 24V
  • 30A 120/240V outlet that’s great for using alongside an RV
  • Variety of power outlets (one is a 5500 watt AC output)
  • Wattage meter
  • Hour meter
  • Low oil level detection and shutdown system
  •  Fuel gauge
  • Electric Start


  • No DC output
  • Very heavy
  • Expensive



The Champion 3400 watt dual-fuel is one of our favorite generators. It’s easily portable, cost-effective, and is very well-built. Being a Champion unit, it’s also got a lot of safety features. We think it’s the best pick from our list of 50A generators. It’s not the most powerful nor the most fancy, but it provides 50A of power very well.

The EU3000iS from Honda is a very high-quality unit. It’s powerful and has a lot of great features. However, it’s very expensive. It is built for heavy-use and excels when being used in an environment such as a construction site for example.

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE is a very powerful unit indeed. It’s got a large number of features, and is particularly good since it’s got such a large amount of power but is also an inverter. However, it’s more than likely that if you’re looking for a 50A generator, you’re looking to buy one that’s more portable than the Yamaha EF6300iSDE.