40kW Generators – What Do We Recommend?

Generators that are 40,000 watts in size are very large and powerful units, that tend to be built for a purpose. The generators in this range are made for a particular use. For example, building site managers and similarly contractors might look into purchasing a generator of this size. Alternatively, they could be used to either provide power to a temporary large building or indeed backup power to a large building.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at an example of one of these large 40kW generators. We’ll provide a brief rundown on the main features of the generator, including what we like about it as well as an unbiased view of what we don’t like quite so much about it.

Streamline Industrial PTO Powered 40kW 

The Streamline industrial generator is a powerful PTO powered unit. “PTO” simply refers to “power take-off,” and can be one of many ways of getting power from a power source – in the case of this Streamline Industrial, it’s an internal combustion engine.

The Streamline Industrial PTO Powered 40kW uses copper wound wires too. There are many advantages of using copper wiring in a generator that’s in this power band, compared to alternative wire materials. Copper wiring is extremely conductive. When copper is compared against the electrical conductivity of alternative non-precious metals, they can handle the largest amount of electrical power/current. This, in turn, means that they do not need to be insulated as much as other wire materials.

Copper wiring also has a very high level of heat-resistance, and are therefore very suitable for use in high-power environments since they are more resistant to being overloaded. They are also very resistant to corrosion. Even if copper wiring becomes damaged by minor oxidation or tarnishing, they are still perfectly fit for purpose.

The copper wiring that’s used within the Streamline Industrial unit is very ductile too – it’s very flexible, and allows the power produced by the generator to be carried appropriately and quickly to where it needs to be.

Key Features

  • 40,000/40kW of power available
  • Streamline industrial Unit
  • 120/280V output
  • 3 Phase Generator
  • Copper Wind


The Streamline Industrial is an extremely powerful unit that’s designed for specific uses in industry. It uses high-quality internals including copper wiring, and is sure to provide you with a solution to a power shortage should you need as much as 40,000 watts.

The Streamlined Industrial unit is well-priced too, coming in at a cheaper price than some generators that only offer a fifth of the power that it is able to put out.

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