An In-Depth Look At The Best 4000 Watt Generators

A 4000-watt generator could make for a great investment if you’re looking for a reliable source of portable power. One of the great things that 4000-watt generators can offer is the ability to have positives from both sides of the market – they are both powerful and portable. For example, generators that are 10kW in size tend to be very large and bulky.

Generators that are 2000 watts in size are indeed small and portable, but 2000 watts really is not a lot of power. A 4000-watt generator will have you covered on both the portability and power front.

In this article, we will take a look at some examples that we believe to be the best 4000-watt generators available on the market today. When looking at each generator, we’ll look closely at the features that they have to offer, and compare them against their rivals.

DuroStar DS4000S – A Great All Round Unit

The DS4000S is a great all-round generator made by DuroStar. It’s got a maximum output wattage of 4000 watts, and a running wattage of 3300 watts.

The DS4000S is very modestly priced, which makes it a close competitor with the dual-fuel Sportsman Gen4000DF that we’ll take a look at later in this article.

DuroStar is very much renowned in the world of power generation for their ability to seemingly make very high-quality generators for a very good price. The DS4000S has a number of great points, and, as with the large majority of products, some points that could be improved too.

The DS4000S is fitted with a traditional recoil pull starter that starts the engine pretty well. It’s usually the case that the starter lets a generator down, however, this particular starter seems to be pretty well reviewed on Amazon by its users.

The DS4000S has a few great features on offer, including some that tend to be found on higher-end generators. The DS4000S has an automatic oil level detection and shutdown system. If the oil level in the generator’s engine falls to a level that makes it dangerous for the engine to keep running, this will detect it and halt the operation of the engine. This acts against the chances of permanent engine damage and large bills to fix damages.

The control panel of the DS4000S has been designed so that it’s as easy to use as is possible. The power outlets are well located and are in abundance, as well as there being both a voltmeter and fuel gauge on the front of the unit. Whilst you might think features such as these are commonplace, they aren’t. A voltmeter is a useful reading to have, as it allows you to see whether or not it’s wise to plug another appliance into the generator, or if you are already using all of the generator’s available power.

Key Features

  • Maximum power output of 4000 watts
  • Continuous power output of 3300 watts
  • Easy to move around – even though the DS4000S weighs in at 94 pounds, it  can be fitted with a wheel kit that makes it very portable and easy to move around
  • Economic on Fuel Efficient – the 4-gallon fuel tank on this generator will allow it to keep going for up to 8 hours when being used at half of its potential.
  • A Good Variety of Power Outlets – The DS4000S comes fitted with a variety of different power sockets, including 2 3-Prong 120V sockets, and another 120-volt twist-lock socket
  • Powerful 7 HP air-cooled engine
  • Provided with a 1-year limited warranty as standard
  • A good brand that’s associated with value for money and quality


Not particularly light or easy to lift by one person at 94 pounds


Sportsman Gen4000LP – A Propane-Fuelled Option

The Sportsman Gen4000LP is a propane-fuelled unit that’s powerful and reliable. It’s got a peak starting wattage of 4000 watts and will provide continuous power thereafter at 3250 watts.

The 3250 running watts that this Sportsman outputs is more than capable of running a good variety of appliances. There’s an excellent choice of power outlets on the Gen4000DF too, being fitted with two 120V power outlets, as well as a 12V DC outlet that’s specifically designed charging batteries and smaller appliances. Having a 12V DC outlet is ideal if you’d like to plug in a smaller battery to charge for example whilst using a larger appliance.

The Sportsman Gen4000LP is both modestly priced and safe. It’s fitted as standard with a good amount of different safety features, – it has an automatic voltage regulator as well as an automatic low oil level detection and shutdown system. The low oil shutdown system halts operation of the engine should the oil level drop below the minimum recommended level. This is a great saver of both time and money – an engine that’s run with insufficient oil is likely to be either permanently damaged or extremely expensive to repair.

The Sportsman GEN4000LP runs on propane gas only, and cannot be power by standard gasoline. As a result of running on propane gas, the engine is kept much cleaner for much longer, as well as the emissions from the engine are very minimal and less harmful than those caused by gasoline. The use of propane gas doesn’t cause the build-up of carbon deposits in the engine, which in turn extends the life of the engine and makes sure that it constantly runs as it should.

The GEN4000LP is an efficient engine, being even more efficient than its gasoline competitors. It’s able to run at half0load for up to 10 hours time, from a regular 20 lb propane tank.

Key Features

  • Starting Power: 4000 watts
  • Continuous power: 3250 watts
  • An excellent variety of power outlets– the Sportsman is fitted with 2120V sockets and a 12V DC outlet, making it an ideal unit for charging small appliances, and using other larger ones at the same time.
  • Quiet and Refined – The GEN4000LP isn’t too loud at all, running at less than 68 decibels when at its rated load. The refined and efficient Gen4000LP is an ideal choice for anyone that’s looking to get a good portable generator for a good price.
  • Powerful 7HP 4-Stroke Engine
  • Runs on propane gas
  • EPA Approved


  • The starter has been said to be questionable



In our opinion, the DuroStar DS4000S is one of the best 4000-watt generators available. It’s got 4000w watts of starting power and still manages to provide 3300 watts of great quality power. It’s efficient, looks great, and is very portable. It also holds the reputation of a good name, alongside a wealth of safety features.

The Sportsman Gen4000LP is a good generator too. Whilst it’s not our favorite of the two 4000-watt generators that we recommend, we still reckon it’s the second best buy of this power band. We think it could be better by being dual-fuel – users are restricted to fuelling it with solely propane, which isn’t always readily available.

If you’re interested in other generators that are around the 4000-watt power mark, you should check out the Champion 76553, which we have a look at in our article on some of the best gas generators available.