2.5kW Generators – The Best Reviewed

Generators that fall between 2000 and 3000 watts are arguably the most popular and most widely available. This is for a good reason – they’re very portable since they aren’t too large in size, but are also able to provide a fairly large amount of portable power.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at 2500 watt inverter generators. We’ll examine what you should be looking for in them when purchasing one, as well as recommending a few that we think are the best picks from this large market.


Why Should I Choose A 2.5kW Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is an essential piece of kit for many people to own. For many others, it is not. However, it’s most certainly not a bad piece of kit for anyone to own. Whilst a generator is able to bring you power where you might not have had it before, a portable inverter generator is able to provide you with high-quality portable power, on the move.


Westinghouse iGen2500

The Westinghouse iGen2500 is a powerful 2500 watt inverter generator. It takes its power from an efficient four-stroke engine that runs on gasoline. With a maximum output of 2500 watts and a running output of 2200 watts, the iGen2500 is more than capable of supporting all of the appliances around your home.

What we think is particularly great about the iGen25000 is its versatility. It’s able to support your kitchen appliances that are particularly demanding just as well as its able to charge your phone. It’s extremely versatile and can be adapted to be suitable in just about any situation.

In terms of efficiency, the iGen2500 excels. From one tank of gasoline, the iGen2500 will run for up to 6 hours when at half capacity. If you feel that you’re in need of more total power or would like to put less strain on one generator, you can connect the iGen2500 in parallel with another Westinghouse iGen series generator.

The iGen2500, all-round, is a very easy generator to use and see what’s happening with. What we mean by this, is that the LED screen that’s mounted on the front of the generator is very easy to read. The generator informs you of the current fuel level, as well as other useful information such as the current power output, and how much runtime is left based on the current fuel level and usage.

Key Features

  • 2500 watts of maximum power
  • 2200 watts of running power
  • Efficient – the iGen2500 will keep running for up to 6 hours when being used at half load. This is also to do with the sensors that are built into the engine – the engine only runs at the necessary speed to output the amount of power that’s needed at any one time
  • Informative LED Display – the LED gauge gives useful information including the current fuel level
  • Parallel Connectivity Available
  • Quiet and Refined – the iGen2500 operates at only 53 decibels when running at a quarter load
  • Lightweight and Very Portable – at only 48 pounds in weight and with an easy carry-handle, the iGen2500 is extremely easy to move around from place to place
  • Inverter Generator – the power that’s output by the iGen2500 is of high quality, and is safe for use with all electronics


  • No wheel kit – some would say this isn’t a necessity anyway


Champion Power Equipment 75537i

The 75537i is a gasoline-powered generator that’s very powerful, yet portable. Unlike a lot of other generators in this power class, it comes with its own wheels as standard, and is very easy to move around despite its slightly larger size.

However, with this ever so slightly larger size comes a lot more power. The 75537i has a maximum power output of 3100 watts, and a continuous power output capability of 2800 watts.

If you’re looking for a generator that’s efficient, this is a great choice. Whilst being able to output 2800 watts of continuous power, it’s still able to keep going from just one tank of fuel, at a quarter capacity, for almost 8 hours.

A lot of generators in this power band are guilty of being raspy and loud. The 75537i is very refined, however. When running, the 75537i runs only makes 58 decibels of noise. In addition to a quite generator, it’s also a generator that can be used with all manner of electronics due to the inverter it has fitted.

Key Features

  • Maximum power output of 3100 watts
  • Running power output of 2800 watts
  • Inverter Generator – the power that the 75537i produces is safe for use with all electronic devices. This makes it extremely versatile – it can just as safely be used to power a kettle as it can a laptop
  • Efficient – from only 1.5 gallons of fuel, this 3100 watt generator can run for up to 8 hours
  • Quiet – this generator produces power more quietly than a lot of humans speak – at just 58 decibels to be precise
  • A Variety of Starting Options – the 75537i can be started by traditional recoil, an electric push button start, and even wirelessly via remote


  • It’s not as portable as some other units in this power class – it is fitted with wheels to combat its heavier weight though
  • No 240V power outlet


From the two generators that we reviewed, our favourite has to be the Westinghouse iGen2500. It’s a very powerful generator that’s also light and portable. It produces high quality power, and is extremely quiet at only 53 decibels. It’s perfect for use in so many different situations – it’s just as suitable to use at a tailgating event or camping trip as it is to provide backup power to your home appliances.

Just because our favorite of the two is the Westinghouse unit, this doesn’t mean to say the 75537i from Champion isn’t a good generator – it still made our top two! It’s very powerful and does indeed offer more power than the Westinghouse – if you are looking for a generator to be used in more of a commercial situation, we’d recommend the Champion unit. It will do well with its sturdy construction, tough wheels, and the customer service from Champion is extremely good.