220V Generators – What Do We Recommend?

WEN DF475T – The More Portable Unit

The WEN DF475T is a powerful generator made by WEN. It’s dual duel too and can run on either propane gas or regular gasoline. The DF475T is able to put out 4750 watts of peak power, and 3800 watts of continuous power.

It’s fitted with an electric starter, that allows the generator to be started easily by the push of a button. In the event that the electric starter was to fail, you wouldn’t be without power as the WEN DF475T has a traditional recoil starter too.

The generator is fitted with a powerful 224cc, four-stroke OHV engine that’s extremely efficient. The efficiency of this generator can be easily seen by simply looking at the runtimes – it’s able to provide up to 11 hours of continuous power feedback when at half-load. Considering that it has a four-gallon fuel tank, this is very efficient indeed.

The WEN DF475T is very conveniently dual-fuel. It can run on either propane or regular gasoline. When running on propane gas, the DF475T has a peak power output of 4350 watts and can provide 3500 watts of continuous power. When running on gasoline, it outputs 4750 watts of power at starting, and 3800 watts of continuous power.

The control panel on the WEN DF475T has a large number of power outlets. It’s got two 120V GFCI-compliant outlets, a NEMA-compliant 30A twist lock outlet that’s great for use with RV’s and similar, as well as a 12V DC charging port. There’s also a voltage selector on the control panel that allows you to easily switch to your voltage of choice.

The DF475T weighs in at 105 pounds, so it’s not exactly a light generator. However, it does come supplied with “space-saving” handles and “never flat” wheels on the wheel kit. The handles on the WEN DF475T fold down to be flush with the side of the generator when they aren’t in use, meaning the unit takes up less space which is ideal for when you’re moving it around. The “never flat” tires on the DF475T are designed never to suffer from punctures either – it’s a great unit for pulling over different types of terrain.

Key Features

  • Maximum output of 4750 watts
  • Running output of 3800 watts
  • Quiet and Refined
  • Efficient – The DF475T can run for 11 hours at 50% load from just one 4-gallon tank of gasoline
  • Voltage switch to move easily between voltages
  • Good variety of power outlets – two 120V GFCI-compliant outlets, a NEMA-compliant 30A twist lock outlet, 12V DC charging port
  • Powerful 224cc OHV Engine – the engine within the DF475T is powerful, 4-stroke, and air-cooled. It can run up to speeds of 3600RPM, and can easily provide power for a number of appliances at the same time
  • Portable – even though the unit weighs in at 108 pounds, the wheel-kit and handle that are supplied are great. It’s got “never flat” tires that resist punctures – it can be taken over a variety of terrains without the usual fear of a burst tire. The handle also folds flat against the side of the generator, making for a compact unit that’s easy to move about and store in the back of transportation.
  • CARB & EPAIII compliant
  • WEN – All WEN units come with nationwide support, and the availability of skilled mechanics to fix your generator under warranty in the event that something were to go wrong
  • 2- Year Warranty


  • None found!


DuroMax XP12000EH – A True Powerhouse of A Generator

The DuroMax XP12000EH is an extremely powerful generator. It’s dual-fuel, and can run on either gasoline or propane gas. It’s got a maximum starting wattage of 12,000 watts, and is able to run continually at 9,500 watts when running on standard gasoline. If the unit’s being run on propane gas, it’s still able to provide a huge peak power of 10,200 watts, and continuous power of up to 8075 watts.

Since the XP12000EH has a massive 12,000 watts of starting power available to use, it’s able to comfortably handle near enough any appliance, device, or power tool that you might have for it to power at home. If you’d like, it can also be used as a generator to provide backup power to your home, in the event of a power cut or unexpected power loss. If you’d like to use it for this purpose, it can be connected to the mains of your home for emergency support easily via a transfer switch.

It’s a very hardwearing, heavy-duty generator too. It’s built inside a steel cage that has four mounting points on the bottom. These are there so that the generator can be easily and safely positioned in any location that you might be using it. The heavy-duty wheel-kit that the XP12000EH makes it easy to move around. The wheels are made of tough rubber that is designed to move the large Duromax unit over varying ground types.

The control panel of the Duromax XP12000EH is great too – it’s got features such as voltmeters and fuel gauges. The voltmeter provides information on how much power is being used from the generator, and how much power the generator is giving out. This is useful to have, as it allows you to judge whether or not you can plug in another appliance without overloading the generator.

The XP12000EH has a large number of safety features. It’s fitted with circuit breakers to prevent power overloads damaging the user or the generator. The circuit breakers act as a barrier – if the load placed on one of the power outlets of the XP12000EH is too great, the circuit breaker will simply cut the connection and can be reset.

This unit is fitted with a low oil level warning system too, that cuts off power to the engine when the oil level becomes too low. Running an engine that does not have sufficient oil can be very damaging – it can result in permanent engine failure, or a very expensive bill to get it fixed.

Key Features

  • 12,000 Watts of peak power
  • 9,5000 watts of continuous power
  • Powerful 18hp, dual-fuel engine
  • Efficient – from the 8.3-gallon tank that the XP12000EH has fitted, it can run for up to 10 hours dependant on load. When running on propane gas, the runtime is up to a tremendously long 20 hours when the generator is being used at half capacity.
  • Voltage Switch
  • Low oil warning and automatic shutdown system
  • 3-year warranty
  • EPA Approved
  • CARB Compliant
  • Voltmeter and Fuel Gauge


  • Customer care could be better



The WEN DF475T is a well-refined generator. It manages to provide a lot of features that are typically found on more high-end generators in a small and very aesthetically pleasing package. It’s portable and has “never flat” tires and a fold-down handle that make it easy to move around. It’s CARB and EPA compliant and has a volt selector that makes for easy selection of the voltage that you would like to use at any time.

The DuroMax XP12000EH is an extremely powerful generator, as is easy to see. Although it does offer a number of features, we don’t believe that it’s quite as good as the WEN DF475T in all aspects.