The Best 20000 Watt Generators Reviewed

A generator that’s capable of putting out 20,000 watts (20kW) of power is a very powerful unit indeed. Generators that are in this power band are almost always used as whole house generators, alternatively known as home standby generators.

In the 21st Century, we are very reliant on a constant supply of electricity, as are our homes. A good home backup generator with 20kW of power is very capable of supporting the essential appliances and devices within your home.

In this post, we’re going to take a quick look at what we believe to be a couple of the best 20kW standby generators available on the market. For each, we’ll consider factors such as their total power, what fuels they can run on, how efficient they are, as well as their weight and noise level.

Generac 7043 22kW Generator

The 7043 from Generac is a powerful 22kW home standby generator. It’s efficient with long runtimes and has a great amount of power at its disposal. For these reasons alone, the 7043 is a great home standby generator.

The Generac 7043 is dual-fuel, as is the case with the majority of home standby generators. It can run on either propane gas or natural gas. The maximum power output of the generator does indeed vary dependant on the fuel that it’s running on. The 7043 will return its peak power of 22kW if burning gasoline, and will still output 19.5kW of power from natural gas. These are very impressive figures.

The 7043 can be remotely monitored from any internet-enabled device as well. Assuming that your generator is connected to the internet and the device that you’re using is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to see the remote status of the 7043. Remotely, statistics such as the estimated remaining runtime and current power output/usage can be viewed.

The G-Force engine inside the 7043 is pressure lubricated. Pressure lubricated engines tend to have a long life, due to the fact that the most vital parts within are always well lubricated.

Generac has also built in a NEMA 3 transfer switch to the 7043. It can be used either inside or outside, and are very good at managing the power designation of the generator when there are multiple appliances/devices relying on it.

There’s a display screen on the top of the 7043 too, that shows you key information such as the power level that’s currently being used, and regular reminders of service intervals to ensure that your 7043 is always kept in the best condition possible.

The 7043 has an inverter fitted. The inverter ensures that the power that’s output by the 7043 is safe for use with all appliances and devices. Often, this is not the case with large and powerful generators.

Key Features

  • 22,000 watts of maximum power from gasoline
  • 19,500 watts of power from propane gas
  • Easy to maintain – the 7043 has a self-testing mode, which is able to diagnose problems and make sure that all of the parts within are working correctly
  • Inverter Generator – The “True Power” technology that’s installed in the 7043 makes sure that the power that it outputs is safe for use with all devices
  • Display Screen
  • Pressure Lubricated
  • Remote-Monitoring


  • Regular maintenance required to ensure the best operation


Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS 20kW Generator

The Kohler 20kW 20RESCL is a generator is a very reliable backup power source. It’s constructed with a very high build quality and attention to detail. It’s encased in a dense sound-proof casing.

The 20RESCL is a refined unit as well, running at a very low volume. It is considerably quieter than many of its competitors It’s able to provide up to 20,000 watts of smooth and dependable power.

The 20RESCL can be monitored from any internet-enabled device. The status and number of the generator can be easily and conveniently checked at any time. The generator can even be set up so that it sends you a text alert if it requires your attention immediately. You can check important information such as the oil level, fuel level, and even how much power your Kohler is outputting at any one time.

The 20RESCL can be used to power as little or as much as you would like. It’s designed to prioritize certain appliances, and should the load get too much, it’ll only give power to those certain appliances. The management system integrated into the unit is very impressive indeed.

Due to inverter technology that it has fitted, you can be sure that any devices that you use with it are safe – it’s low levels of harmonic distortion make sure of this. This cannot be often said for generators that are able to put out the amount of power that the 20kW from Kohler can.

Key Features

  • Maximum power of 20,000 watts
  • Running power of 18,000 watts
  • Quiet operation – it’s encased in a high-quality, dense soundproofing casing to ensure that noise level is kept to a minimum level. It runs at only 64 decibels
  • Can be monitored online from any device
  • Hard-wearing defensive enclosure
  • Extremely low levels of harmonic distortion
  • Dual Fuel – Can run on both propane and natural gas


  • Slight vibration may be an issue
  • Customer service thought not to be as good as it could be



The Generac 7043 is a very well-review home standby generator. It’s got a great engine that’s pressure lubricated and has on offer a massive 22,000 watts of power. It can be monitored remotely and is easy to maintain with regular reminders and notifications. It can even self-diagnose parts within itself that may not be operating as they should be. In our opinion, it’s the best 20kW generator available.

The Kohler 20RESCL is a powerful generator with 20kW of power. It’s not quite as powerful as the 7043, and is, in fact, more expensive. It’s still a great generator that puts out very high-quality power and a lot of it. However, if we were to be making a selection, we believe that the Generac 7043 is the better investment of the two units.